Menu button behavior in the Apple TV app

  • This is a nitpick, but one that would make a big difference to my experience:

    When browsing any list in the Apple TV app, if I select a show, then decide not to watch it, the only option is to hit the "Menu" button. But rather than returning me to my spot on the list I was looking at, it takes me to that left sidebar menu, and I have to manually navigate my way back to the list to pick up where I left off browsing. This is especially annoying if I'm browsing a specific genre, if I've changed the sorting to anything other than "Date Added," or if I'm just a long way down a list.

    While I understand the logic of the left sidebar menu, it seems like mapping a traditional "back button" behavior to the Menu button would be preferable here, especially since the left sidebar menu can always be activated by scrolling to the left anyway.

    Does that make sense?

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