Function for skipping the intro and outro automatically w/ autoplay to facilitate smoother binge-watching

  • SO, I'm getting kind of sick of getting up from my comfy position and clicking through the intro after every 20 minutes, not to mention the auto-play function minimizes the video when starting the next episode (is this only me?). Anyways, I think an "advanced tab" for video settings with a slider that could be easily set to skip a preset amount of intro/outro time, between 0-5 minutes for example and outro time 0-5 minutes would really improve our binge watching experience when using auto-play (assuming it doesn't minimize the video each time).

    These settings in theory would reset after each session/show change. I would much rather change the setting once when I start watching and be able to stay curled up on the couch for the rest of the time, instead of constantly getting up, fishing for the "real" start of the next episode (after theme and recap) and maximizing it on my TV. I think it would be a game changer.

    I mean who wouldn't want to seamlessly watch their favorite anime without having to move for 4 hours?

    Lest say it takes me 30 seconds to get up, crawl to my laptop, change the episode, skip the intro and re-maximize the video. Over the course of a 814 episode series, like One Piece I've spent 6.78 Hours just changing episodes/skipping into/outro.

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