iPhone X App Subtitle Options Gone?

  • Is it just me or did the subtitle options for the latest version of the app get removed? As long as I could remember, the application always had the option to change how the subtitles looked within the app. Ever since the latest update for the iPhone X, I'm unable to find that option. I also have the application installed on an Android device and the option to change how the subtitles looked was still there. You could access them from the CC menu and go to settings at the bottom of the menu. On the iPhone X app, the "settings" option isn't in the CC menu. It just lists English or None as the options.

    If anyone else could confirm if it is indeed missing, I would greatly appreciate it.

  • So I sent in a ticket to support and basically got a reply saying that I should post the "suggestion" here. So there's that....

    What I don't get is how is this a suggestion since it's not a feature that's new. It was in the earlier versions on various mobile platforms.

  • On my iPad the subtitle style, color, and other such things for the Funimation app are controlled using the settings on the iPad itself. Maybe try changing the settings on the iPhone you have and see if it changes them in the app?

  • @TyrandesQuiver Yeah I've looked in settings too and the options just aren't there.

    All that's listed are:

    Siri & Search
    Background App Refresh
    Cellular Data

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