Best and Worst English Dubs

  • Hi. I would like to talk about the best and worst English dubs we have heard in anime. One of the most popular forums I made on the old website was dedicated to this very topic, so I decided to do the same thing with the new one.

    Let’s start with the worst:

    M.D. Geist: Ah, Central Park Media. You always know how to botch up an English dub, but to be honest, considering that M.D. Geist was terrible altogether, I’m actually glad that it got an English dub that sucked monkey butt. Diabolik Lovers and Master of Martial Hearts are terrible animes and yet they got great English dubs, which I find insulting. It’s like they think it’s all worth watching an anime with loathsome characters and mean-spirited content just to hear great voice-acting. It’s like dangling keys in your face just to distract from all the disgusting stuff you’re seeing. Terrible anime does not deserve good English dubs, so thank you, Central Park Media, for botching this dub.

    Vampire Wars: Again, a terrible dub actually helps this anime have a bit more of a cheesy charm. Laughably terrible storytelling and animation were the case with this film, so when the licensed it, Manga Entertainment thought that an equally terrible dub was in order. And that’s what happened here, so gather some friends to find a nice entertainingly bad film to mock and ridicule while you’ve got some popcorn. Have fun.

    Psychic Wars: Hardly any emotion, and corny one-liners, but hey, at least the script was better than the subtitles written. At least they made sense. Not much else to say.

    Speed Racer: Well, we can’t talk about bad English dubs without talking about this one. This dub was so bad that an episode of Dexter’s Laboratory was dedicated to making fun of it. There characters all talk too fast, audio blended it badly, a lot of the characters were gratuitously high-pitched, and emotion seemed like an afterthought. I guess it does kind of fit in with the animation, though, considering that it’s as cheesy as the English dub, as there was one moment where it looked as though Speed and the Masked Racer were standing on top of the background. So yeah. Nothing else to say.

    Shamanic Princess: Oh, god, when a good anime gets a bad English dub, it hurts. Whenever I watch Shamanic Princess, I always watch the Japanese version with English subtitles. I watched it the first time around, and I’m glad I never watched the dub. Thanks again, Central Park Media. Anyway, Crispin Freeman is the only decent performance in this. Tara Jayne’s work on Tiara was grating, Suzy Prue’s Lena sounded very off-key, and P.M. Lewis… ugh… Her take on Japolo was PAINFUL!! Rica Matsumoto’s work on him in the Japanese version was adorable! I loved that voicework! But in the dub, he sounded like some old Russian lady. I think Laura Bailey’s Schrodinger voicework in Hellsing Ultimate suits him perfectly, but no. We got this. And even Crispin Freeman as Kagetsu… if you listen to it back to back with his voicework as Alucard in Hellsing Ultimate, you’ll know why he benefited from leaving Central Park Media and moving to Los Angeles. There were a lot of bad performances in this dub and the script for it was nothing more than a word-for-word translation and was no different from the subtitles that Central Park Media wrote for the Japanese audio, which is lazy and has little to none of the flair that the adaptive translating that Cowboy Bebop made into a common staple of English dubbing. I highly recommend Shamanic Princess. But for the love of god, watch it subtitled! Please!

    Birdy the Mighty OVAs: Oh, Central Park Media. Why do your English dubs always end up sucking? Birdy’s voice sounds rather silly and off-key, and Tsutomu sounded whiny and obnoxious. As well as that, there was one moment where the Tokyo district Ikebukuro was mentioned and was pronounced incorrectly! I think it was pronounced Icky-buck-uh-row I guess, and after hearing it being pronounced the right way in the Durarara!! dub, this isn’t a good sign. If you listen to this back to back with the Decode dub, you’ll see how night and day from each other they are, showing the differences between pre-Bebop and post-Bebop dubbing.

    Angel Sanctuary: Again, Central Park Media. P.M. Lewis and Suzy Prue came back and sounded even worse than before. And even Crispin Freeman sounded terrible in this dreck. Next!

    Neon Genesis Evangelion: At least at the very start. The English dub voices definitely get better over time, particularly Shinji and Misato, but they’re pretty laughable at the start. And in Episode 24, Kaoru’s voice was very laughable, which is why a Director’s Cut version of it was made with his voice acting being drastically improved. There are more positives to this dub than the others I picked here, but overall, it’s not nearly as good as the English dubs we have now, like the Rebuild of Evangelion. When Guikk made an AZ rant on dub haters, he said at one point, “Just listen for a difference in quality between the original Evangelion dubs and the more recent Rebuild movies.”

    Original Astro Boy: It’s a good thing later versions of Astro Boy got decent dubs, because the original 1960’s Astro Boy dub is a joke. However, it was made in the 60’s and anime dubbing was in its infancy back then, so maybe I should cut it some slack. But even so, this not only set the standards for bad dubbing, it made them par for the course until Cowboy Bebop saved anime English dubbing from the pits of despair. Just like Speed Racer, characters talked way to fast. And there was so much overacting all across the board. Now that we’ve got better dubs, let’s bury this one for good.

    AB Group’s Big Green Dragon Ball Z Dub: The guy who voiced Piccolo, oh, I’m sorry, Big Green may have a voice that sounds similar to that of Christopher R. Sabat who voice-acted Piccolo in Funimation’s dub, but even he is blatantly phoning in his performance. It’s hard for me to listen to, let alone act out the lines in this dub without bursting out laughing. Seriously, just listen to the Big Green dub and you’ll understand how laughable it is. Did I mention that AB Group translated the show into French then re-translated it into English? That should be a red flag right there.

    Fushigi Yugi: This is a dub that had absolutely no excuse to suck. It was licensed by Geneon, who also licensed Rozen Maiden, it had great voice actors, so how the heck did this all end up being a grating assault on the ears? Yui was voiced by the same Wendy Lee that gave us Faye Valentine in Cowboy Bebop, and Tamahome was voiced by the same guy as Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid franchise! Solid! Freaking! Snake! It even had Mary Elizabeth McGlynn in this! You know, Motoko Kusanagi? But the acting… Oh, the acting! The characters overacted at every turn, the lines written were painfully cheesy, and Bridget Hoffman was horribly miscast as the hyperactive Miyaka Yuki, considering that Hoffman is mainly suited for mello characters like Fuu Hououji from Magic Knight Rayearth and Lain Iwakura form Serial Experiments Lain. This dub had so much going for it, so how did it turn out this bad!?

    Streamline English Dubs: These were the “masterminds” behind the earliest of English dubs, and they laughably dubbed many anime movies so terribly that all of them were given far superior English dubs years later. The most notable dub out of all of these is Akira. While their dub was what allowed anime to be popular in the West in the first place, and for that I might applaud them, but let’s be honest, the Streamline Akira dub was a joke. It had all the staples of bad English dubs: terrible voicework, mispronounced names, and questionable script writing. As one of the most iconic and influential anime movies of all time, Akira deserved a better English dub. And in 2001, that’s where Geneon came in. If you listen to the two dubs back to back, you’ll see the differences between anime English dubbing back then and anime English dubbing now. But the worst offender is Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. Not only did it have all the staples of bad dubbing, it was also given the 4kids treatment with plot points removed, scenes erased, character names changed, and the title was even changed to Warriors of the Wind. Thankfully, Disney came along and gave both it and every other Miyazaki movie in existence English dubs that truly did them justice.

    English Dubs made in Southeast Asia: Let’s face it, English dubs made in SouthEast Asia tend to suck on a regular basis. Maybe English speakers over there have other ideas on what quality voicework is, but couldn’t they afford to have imports of English dubs made right here in the good old USA? Let’s talk about one company that makes those dubs: Animax. On the old website, I have frequently heard a lot of complaints towards the Animax dub of Fairy Tail, which to me indicates that out of all of the dubs Animax has made, the one they gave Fairy Tail has garnered the most notoriety. But there was also an Animax dub of Yu Yu Hakusho and it sucked too. In fact, a lot of anime that got great English dubs in America got terrible ones in Animax’s home turf. Fate/Stay Night. Fullmetal Alchemist. Gankutsuou. Fushigi Yugi (it had terrible dubbing anyway, but whatever). Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Gurren Lagann. Hell Girl. Black Butler. InuYasha. Samurai 7. Space Dandy. Steamboy. xxxHolic. Tsubasa. There’s even an Animax dub of Cowboy Bebop! Barf. I think the most interesting one out of all of them is their dub of CardCaptor Sakura, in part because it’s the only one that got an official US release when NIS America released it on Blu-Ray in 2014. Instead of getting the Bang! Zoom! cast from the second movie, NIS found out about a Southeast Asian studio that made their own dub of CardCaptor Sakura and decided to copy that into their Blu-Ray release. Talk about lazy. Still, I think it’s better than most of Animax’s other dubs. Considering that the other CardCaptor Sakura dub is Nelvana’s widely bashed-on CardCaptors, which drastically edited the original story for a US audience, Animax’s CardCaptor Sakura dub is as close to a proper dub for that show as we’re going to get. With all the other Animax dubs I mentioned, we have so many superior alternatives. But the Animax dub is the only actual dub of CardCaptor Sakura, while CardCaptors is a similar but separate show. But there’s also Odex, which made a dub of One Piece that some consider to be even worse than the 4kids version. And in my opinion, that is the One Piece equivalent to Fairy Tail’s Animax dub, not the 4kids version.

    Other bad dubs I watched include Legend of Lemnear and Armitage III, but there’s hardly anything I can say about them. And with the exception of Armitage, Central Park Media was responsible for all of these. So what Funimation is with good dubs, Central Park Media is with bad dubs. Also, Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie had a bad dub, but I still enjoyed it because I felt that it had a cheesy charm.

    Before talking about the best, though, I’d like to point out that a few people on the internet consider the Yona of the Dawn dub to be bad. I think that a lot of the complaints were directed at Monica Rial as Yona. I haven’t heard it myself, so I can’t judge, but I recently listened to Monica’s voicework as Sakura Kinomoto in the new CardCaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc, and I know that @MJmusicguy will want to stab me in the face with a pitchfork for saying this, but I think she pulled off the character quite well. And I took a liking to her voicework as EASY in Drifters.

    And now for the best:

    Cowboy Bebop: Let’s face it. This is the anime English dub that opened the door for a flood of good anime English dubs to come. The voice acting was top notch, the ADR directing expertly done, and the script for each episode was very well written and it introduced adaptive translation that was in the spirit of the original but not slavishly so like many of the dubs before it, causing them to suck. In fact, if you watch’s Top Ten Best English Dubbed Anime and their Top Ten Worst Anime English Dubs And Translations back to back, you’d find that a lot of the bad dubs were made many decades ago, while a lot of the great ones are a lot newer. And now we know why. Thank you, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, for making anime English dubs top notch for years to come.

    Slayers: What’s this? An English dub made by Central Park Media that… gasp doesn’t suck? Yep, believe it or not, this dub was pulled off quite well. And the fact that it came out before Cowboy Bebop did makes it even more impressive. Lisa Ortiz did an excellent job of getting Lina Inverse to sound energetic and hyperactive and quick-tempered. And this was also the first role that Crispin Freeman truly nailed, foreshadowing his brilliant performance as Alucard several years later. This dub was definitely a diamond in the rough, and it’s no wonder Funimation brought back the original Central Park Media cast when they dubbed seasons 4 and 5 in 2011. And this wouldn’t be the last time Funimation did something like this by a longshot.

    Fairy Tail: A perfect example of a long-running anime getting solidly dubbed. Anyone who insists that a long-running series should stay subtitled clearly hasn’t watched this show. And no, I’m not talking about the crappy Animax dub that I ranted about earlier on in this posting, I’m talking about the officially released Funimation dub. I have heard a few times people reviewing Fairy Tail where they complained that Funimation replaced all the voice actors for terrible replacements, when in reality, those viewers stumbled upon the Animax dub by mistake. So, let’s talk about why Fairy Tail’s English dub is so brilliant. A lot of the jokes from the original were re-worked for a western audience, as many of the gags in the Japanese version would sound strange if translated word for word, which was the case with the subtitles for the Japanese audio, but the dub script ad-libs to make more sense for an English-speaking audience. Their efforts were pulled off perfectly, but the emotional moments and action scenes were also pulled off quite well. Plus, the script for the dub seemed to have far more flare to it that the subtitles accompanying the Japanese Audio could ever hope to have, such as when Gajeel confronted Midnight in episode 147, and he said “You look like an angsty kid who somehow snuck into his mother’s makeup.” In the Japanese version, he just made a lame pun about him being “Brain II” and the “head” of the Neo-Oracion Seis and made no mention whatsoever about him wearing makeup at all. And the fact that the series has so many episodes makes it all the more impressive that Funimation was able to keep up the quality dubbing for so many episodes. And the actors nailed the personalities of the characters they played perfectly. Todd Haberkorn did a great job of making Natsu sound fiery and passionate, and portraying him freaking out when Erza catches him, Cherami Leigh’s take on Lucy was just about perfect, nailing how she sounded both sweet and noble but prone to understandable outbursts considering the kinds of experiences she has, while also perfecting her determination to help her friends, Tia Ballard sounds so cutesy as Happy, Newton Pittman succeeds in making Gey sound snarky and laid-back, and Colleen Clinkenbeard seems to nail every side of Erza’s character, getting mer to sound both authoritative and intimidating, but also sweet and motherly. Monica Rial nailed Mirajane’s sweetness and benevolence, Christopher R. Sabat perfected Elfman’s manliness, Brina Palencia made Juvia sound lovey-dovey and adorably floaty, David Wald made Gajeel sound appropriately gruff and menacing, Brittney Karbowski perfected Wendy, R. Bruce Elliot's take on Makarov’s fatherliness and his bombastic silliness, and his many other sides as well, even saying that this was his favorite role out of all of them, and the supporting cast, which is too numerous to go into sounded splened too. I could go on and on about character after character after character in this wonderful show, but there are more fantastic English dubs that I want to get into. So, moving on now.

    Steins;Gate: I know that a lot of fans of Steins;Gate got into the series back when the series was unlicensed and so they might not have been willing to give this dub a try. Shame because in my opinion, the Steins;Gate dub is phenomenal. Just like Fairy Tail, Steins;Gate played fast and loose with the original Japanese script while also remaining incredibly faithful to it. Again, this results in the subtitles having a far lesser bite to it than the script for the dub. Case in point. Episode 3, Kurisu’s “Hououin Pervert Kyouma” joke was changed to “Hououin Carcinoma”. A dialogue-heavy show like this needs a good English dub to captivate a Western audience and this dub pulled that off flawlessly. J. Michael Tatum did an excellent Okabe “ Rintarou making him sound bombastically hammy but perfected his strife while he got pushed to the end, Jackie Ross sounded very energetic as Mayuri, nailing her “tu-tu-ru”s as well as Kana Hanazawa did, Trina Nishimura practically perfected Makise Kurisu in every aspect of her character, Tyson Rinehart, a dub actor who normally voices extras in other shows prior to this nailed his first time voicing a lead with his role as Daru, and Suzuha Amane had her voicework nailed thanks once again to Cherami Leigh. (Also, does anyone else notice that both of Lucy’s voice actresses have a character surnamed “Amane” in their resumes? Anyone?) The supporting cast sounded great too, and when the dub was available for regular viewers on Funimation’s website, I just plowed through it and now I have it on DVD and Blu-Ray. Steins;Gate is definitely a must-watch for dub fans.

    Rebuild of Evangelion: Oh, boy, talk about a 180. Whereas the original Neon Genesis Evangelion had laughable dubbing at the start but improved over time… only to give Kaoru laughable voicework in the one episode where he appears, Evangelion Rebuild’s dubbing was spectacular right off the bad. While Spike Spencer, Alison Keith, and Tiffany Grant reprised their roles as Shinji Ikari, Misato Katsuragi, and Asuka Langley Sory… Uh… Shikinami, and they all sound so much better than they did the first time around. And the re-castings were also a major improvement over their original counterparts, like Ritsuko and Kennsuke, sounding far superior to the way they did in the original anime. And while Episode 24 of Evangelion original did give Kaoru better voice acting, he sounded absolutely fantastic here. And I can’t wait for the fourth and final Rebuild movie to come out in US theatres the way Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry did. With every aspect of the original improved in the Rebuild movies, seeing the English dub be one of them feels absolutely wondrous.

    Birdy The Mighty: Decode: Oh, look, another example of how a drastically changed cast can actually improve a dub. After the horrendous English dub that Central Park Media gave us for the 90’s OVA, Funimation dubbed the new Decode TV anime and boy was it a major improvement. Luci Christian perfected Birdy’s persona, making her sound strong-willed and resilient, but also kind-hearted and compassionate, Micah Solusod made Tsutomu sound like a believable teenage boy, and the rest of the cast perfected their roles, but since Birdy and Tsutomu are the two most important characters, I’ll just leave it there. Next entry.

    Yu Yu Hakusho: Right off the bat, I knew I was in for a steller dub as most of the script changes in the dub seemed to help the dub. Justin Cook was perfect as Yusuke Urameshi, Christopher R Sabat did a good job as Kazuma Kuwabara, John Burgmeier and Chuck Huber nailed Kurama and Hiei, respectively, Linda Young was the perfect Genkai, (only old Genkai, though, Stephanie Young would have been prefered as the young one) and Robert McCollum was the ultimate Shinobu Sensui. The dubbed theme songs were surprisingly great too.

    Miyazaki movies: How could I not include these? Miyazaki movies have always received top-notch dubbing and it’s all thanks to the wonderful folks over at Walt Disney Studios themselves. Now what makes these English dubs stand out is that rather than using traditional anime voice actors like Johnny Yong Bosch, Kari Wahlgren and Vic Mignogna, the English dub voice cast consist almost entirely of actual Hollywood actors, who usually are the ones to voice-act in Disney’s animated films. After Streamline’s horrendous butchering of “Warriors of the Wind”, Miyazaki sent a katana to Miramax when they licensed Princess Mononoke and said, “No cuts!” Then the Princess Mononoke dub came out, in 1999 and was not only completely uncut, it was also very solidly pulled off! And its dub came out before Cowboy Bebop’s! Isn’t that wild? Afterwards, throw a rock at any Studio Ghibli movie, and you’re guaranteed it’ll have solid dubbing. Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, The Wind Rises, Porco Rosso, and even weaker titles like Tales of Earthsea had sollid dubbing. They even gave Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind a proper English dub that truly did it justice. Hats off to the wonderful folks at Disney and if they keep this up, may they continue to dub Miyazaki’s movies in the future.

    The Future Diary: Funimation, you’ve done it again! I highly enjoyed the dubbing that was provided with this show. Josh Grelle gave a stellar performance sounding very convincing as Yukiteru Amano, Brina Palencia sounded both innocent and maniacal as Yuno Gasai, even though her voice wasn’t as high-pitched and cutesy like it was in the Japanese version, and Emily Neves completely nailed the voicework for Minene Uryuu. I also liked the script, which I felt added in a few quirks to make it seem a bit more hip and cool. I liked Aru Akise’s “Elementary, My Dear Watson” delivered by Todd Haberkorn. Future Diary was a very well-dubbed anime and I’m glad to have watched the whole dub.

    Both anime versions of FullMetal Alchemist: How couldn’t I include these? Both anime adaptations of FullMetal Alchemist have received brilliant dubs and they helped to put Funimation on the map for years to come. Or at least the dub of the original did. Also, I noticed a bit of a reversal of norms with Brotherhood. Normally, English dub actors would be replaced but the voice actors for the original Japanese audio would get re-used, but in the Japanese version of Brotherhood, the only returning actors were Romi Paku and Rei Kugiyama as the Elric brothers. But in the dub, with some exceptions, most of the cast of the first anime reprised their roles in Brotherhood. But there’s nothing else I could say about the FMA dubs that hasn’t been said already so just watch them already.

    Black Lagoon: I bet that a lot of anime fans were surprised when Ocean Studios, a recording company that normally works on children’s programming not only worked on a dub for an anime with a lot of swearing and discussions on mature subject matter, they left said swearing and mature topics 100% intact while doing it. In fact, as far as the swearing goes, they seem to have upped the ante. And the performances in the voicework was superb as well. Marÿke Hendrikse absolutely nailed the role of Revy, perfecting her violently explosive and explosively violent temper and you’d be shocked that it’s not the kind of character she normally voices. Brad Swaile did an excellent job with Rock, the fact that Dutch was voiced by an actual African-Canadian (Ocean Studios is in Canada) helped to enhance his character, and I enjoyed Brian Drummond as Benny. Because of how beloved the dub for this show was, when Funimation licensed the follow-up OVA Roberta’s Blood Trail, they went out of their way to get the same Ocean Studios that dubbed the original series to dub the OVA, making me wonder why they didn’t do the same with the Shakugan No Shana movies, OVAs and seasons 2 and 3, but I digress. When I watched Black Lagoon when it aired on Toonami in 2014 and Roberta’s Blood Trail on the Funimation website, the dub, despite the constant profanities which were bleeped out for public broadcast, the dub made me feel as if I were watching Death Note all over again because of how easily I recognized the voices from that dub. Speaking of which...

    Death Note: Not content with letting Funimation hog all the good titles, Viz Media picked up this epic masterpiece of an anime and gave it an expertly crafted English dub thanks once again to Ocean Studios. Brad Swaile returns to the stage and delivers us his ultimate performance yet as Light Yagami, nailing every aspect of his character development from the decent kid he started off as, to his growing god complex, arrogance, sadism, and self-righteousness, to the decent person he would have been if he hadn’t picked up the Death Note, to the climax where he sounded absolutely demented and maniacal, potentially foreshadowing his role as Slappy in Dead Rising 2. Before I watched Death Note, I mainly remembered Swaile as Lan from Megaman NT Warrior which I thought was also a great dub. So seeing him pull off someone this menacing was quite the achievement. Alessandro Juliani perfected the genius detective L, making him sound so believable otherworldly and like the tone of his voice sends so many subliminal messages so there’s more to what he’s trying to say than what mere words would suggest. It makes L sound more like a real person. Brian Drummond sounded incredibly demonic as Ryuk and the way he pulled off those satanic laughs of his was absolutely brilliant, and he completely nailed his more comical side too, especially his wacky withdrawal symptoms. Shannon Chan Kent captured the innocence of Misa Amane, but also made her sound threatening when she threatened to kill any other girl that Light goes out with. Chris Britton completely perfected Soichiro Yagami making him sound both heroic and fatherly, the voice actors for the rest of the Kira task force nailed their personalities, and Cathy Weseluck absolutely perfected Near. She was just perfect for the role. I’m so glad that I watched the show dubbed in English and still do to this day because every single character in it was voiced very well and the script for the dub was excellent and felt more natural than the subtitles. This is definitely a quality dub.

    Hellsing Ultimate: Oh, hell to the yes! Literally. Hellsing Ultimate is easily the best English dub I have ever watched in my entire life out of all the animes that I have watched. And yes, I even consider this dub to be better than Cowboy Bebop’s! Yeah! I said it! Hellsing TV had a good dub too, but Ultimate’s dub makes the one for the TV series sound like the Shamanic Princess dub by comparison! This dub does a lot of things right that the Japanese voices just couldn’t. Let’s start with the ultimate fan-favorite role for anyone who’s even heard of Hellsing: Crispin Freeman as Alucard. He really steals the show here. There were plenty of instances where his performance as everyone’s favorite gun-wielding anime vampire did what Joji Nakata’s failed to do. During Alucard’s hammier, more dynamic moments, Nakata’s Alucard sounded like a boisterous shogun, but Crispin’s version sounded grody and guttural, making him sound much more monstrous than his Japanese counterpart. But when it’s time for him to sound regal, dignified and demonair, Crispin completely nails that too. Again, better than Joji Nakata. Crispin is definitely the definitive Alucard. Also, remember when I said that in the Fairy Tail dub, Cherami Leigh captured Lucy’s innocence and kindness, determination, and comical freakouts perfectly? Well, K.T. Grey did the exact same thing with Seras Victoria, only she added a British accent into the equation. And why shouldn’t she? Lucy and Seras are practically the same character! I especially enjoyed her freaking out over Walter trashing her normal bed and swapping it out with a coffin. And the sound she made for grinding her teeth? Priceless. But K.T. perfected Seras’s dark side as well. And the voice she employed for going berserk on Zorin Blitz and her minions? Again, grody and guttural. Either way, she had far more fun with Seras than she did the first time around. Victoria Harwood perfected Integra Hellsing’s authority, and the fact that she was actually British helped her performance dramatically. She left no stone unturned in voicing the character and she sounds absolutely perfect in the role. Steven Brand perfects the voicework for Alexander Anderson and nails his personality perfectly. Ralph Lister, Liam O’ Brian, and Jessica D. Stone absolutely perfects Walter C. Dorneaz in his elderly years, young adulthood, and childhood respectively. Yuri Lowenthal was practically the perfect Pip Bernadotte, (seriously, I really loved his “and crying like schoolgirls” one-liner) Gildart Jackson perfects the Major’s maniacal insanity, Rip Van Winkle sounded very childish but also demented as Rip Van Winkle and put energy into singing Der Freischutz and Das Englandlied as opposed to Maaya Sakamoto’s dull and lifeless take on it, and I completely adored Laura Bailey as Warrant Officer Schrodinger. In fact, aside from Crispin Freeman’s Alucard, Schrodinger was actually my favorite performance in this dub. She made him sound so infectiously cute and snuggly as the character and this is in my opinion what Japolo’s dub voice should have been, German accent and all. When I watch Shamanic Princess in Japanese with subtitled, I imagine Japolo with Schrodinger’s dub voice. Of course, none of this would have been the case if it weren’t for Taliesin Jaffe. He was the ADR Director for this expertly-crafted English dub and he got the direction down to a T. He also did the directing for the TV Hellsing’s dub, but he had much more fun with Ultimate in my opinion, particularly because there was far more stuff to have fun with in this version, as the TV series seemed kind of dull and lifeless by comparison. When I started this discussion on the old website, I was getting started on Hellsing Ultimate but sadly, there were only four episodes dubbed in English at the time, and I was impatiently waiting for OVAs 5-7 to be dubbed into English. Because I considered the dub to be the definitive way of watching this OVA, I avoided fansubs like the plague, and the Japanese release of the eighth OVA made the waiting even less bearable… until Funimation announced that Funimation acquired the license for it. Even better, they announced the English dub for those episodes would have the exact same cast and crew as before. And then, in 2012, Funimation finally released OVAs 5-8 in America and I pre-ordered the package ASAP. Though, I yearned for Funimation to dub the last two OVAs all through 2013. And in 2014, my wish was granted, so I pre-ordered that on the double too. The hiatuses for the dubbing was painful, but it was well worth the wait. Just like the Fairy Tail dub, the Hellsing Ultimate dub is a dub that I could talk about for hours and hours and hours, but it would take far too long. Bottom line, watch Hellsing Ultimate dubbed in English. It’s the ultimate way to experience Hellsing.

    Other great English dubs I’ve seen include Baccano!, Drifters, Samurai 7, Ouran Highschool Host Club, Gargantia of the Verdurous Planet, Jormungand, Monster, The Devil is a Part Timer, Hetalia: Axis Powers, Basilisk, Black Butler, Wolf’s Rain, xxxHolic, His and Her Circumstances, Soul Eater, Trigun, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, and the 2001 Geneon Akira redub, but if I went into detail into all of them, we’d be here forever. Now what are your favorite and least favorite anime English dubs? Please leave some comments below talking about each one.

  • When I re watched the old Funimation dub of DBZ it was a very painful experience, it was a chore to rewatch it because a lot of the dialogue was extremely cringey like Power Rangers but somehow worse. Obviously this was early Funimation, the voice actors weren't as good as they are now, and of course the script had to be dumbed down/censored for children when it was on original Toonami.

  • Well, I hope you think that Dragon Ball Z Kai had a better dub.

  • Massive improvement on every level! Chris and everyone have gotten so much better over the years that they even make the almost unwatchable DBS a passable experience.

  • Though, the old Funimation dub of DBZ is still superior to AB Group's "Big Green" dub.

  • @LegacyFunUser7875 said in Best and Worst English Dubs:

    old Funimation dub of DBZ i

    @LegacyFunUser7875 Old Funimation dub of DBZ is the BEST English DUb for DBZ so that to... Bruce Music, Kid Gohan Voice Actor, Frieza Voice Actor etc. So yeah right there.

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    @LegacyFunUser7875 said in Best and Worst English Dubs:

    old Funimation dub of DBZ i

    @LegacyFunUser7875 Old Funimation dub of DBZ is the BEST English DUb for DBZ so that to... Bruce Music, Kid Gohan Voice Actor, Frieza Voice Actor etc. So yeah right there.

    @Moderators Also can movie this to right section? Yu Yu Hakusho Section is not where this belong...

    That's a problem that I keep having: Every time I start a thread to be in one section, it always winds up in one other than the one I intended. What's wrong with my interface?

  • its not you, its a forum bug

  • Well, it's now been fixed. And I think Funimation should address this forum bug. anyway, how would you like to state out what dubs you liked and didn't like?

  • This thread got me thinking, and I honestly can't think of any series where I felt everything about the dub was great. You mention Fairy Tail above, and that's probably as close to perfect as I can think of. Even then, there are individual characters which I felt were improperly cast. However, on the opposite side of that coin, it was also the series which actually triggered me to start following specific VA's work. Because of that series dub, I've watched several other series that didn't deserve anything beyond the three episode rule to completion, only for the sake of a VA being cast.

    Having said all that, I want to point out that there are currently only two anime which I've ever started and not completed watching a season of. Obviously, I'm not going to start season 2 if season 1 sucked, but will still complete the season I've started unless it's TERRIBLE on multiple levels.

    The most recent was Urahara. I wanted to finish it because I had watched every broadcast dub Funimation had done prior. However, I couldn't bring myself to gag it down. Can't really blame that on the dub. It was just crap.

    However, the other was easily terrible for reasons. I've never labeled the name of this anime publicly before because (for some reason I'll never understand) it actually has a fan-base. Cromartie High School is probably the worst anime ever made.

    With that in mind, even when I tried giving it a chance (and was still able to say that every series had some value) the sound quality and acting stood out as bad. This is not to say that it was the reason that I stopped watching, but it was an immediate annoyance in a series which only continued to get worse.

    I guess in that regard it's kind of a novelty now that I think about it. Terrible sound quality would be it's most endearing feature.

  • @pleco_breeder said in Best and Worst English Dubs:

    Cromartie High School is probably the worst anime ever made.

    Young man, I will fight you.

  • There are bad shows with great dubs. I mean Juni Taisen has a great dub.

    There are also great shows with not so good dubs, like Free.

    Then there are awful shows with bad dubs...lile Dramatical Murder

  • @Queenira said in Best and Worst English Dubs:

    There are bad shows with great dubs. I mean Juni Taisen has a great dub.

    There are also great shows with not so good dubs, like Free.

    Then there are awful shows with bad dubs...lile Dramatical Murder

    Well I thought the Infinite Stratos dub was great
    (Ok show with a great dub if you like cluless harem protagonists at black hole level density, but seriously the dub is great)

    Bad show with a great Dub of course is Ghost Stories because they were literally allowed to make an abridged version of the show and it was pretty awesome.

  • @Series5Ranger That's not a totally true statement.

    Ghost Stories is unique in that they were given permission but they even still had rules. They weren't allowed to do name changes, couldn't change how the ghost were defeated nor Change the plot.

  • I think IS's dub would have been a lot better without the heavy accents. Too many moments where i couldn't understand what Charlotte and Laura were saying

  • @Queenira said in Best and Worst English Dubs:

    @Series5Ranger That's not a totally true statement.

    Ghost Stories is unique in that they were given permission but they even still had rules. They weren't allowed to do name changes, couldn't change how the ghost were defeated nor Change the plot.

    Thanks for the clarification.

  • @Series5Ranger said in Best and Worst English Dubs:

    Well I thought the Infinite Stratos dub was great

    I thought the VA for Ichika was better in the dub (Josh Grelle is always great). I thought the Japanese VA was too nasally. But, I thought the accents for Charlotte, Cecelia and Laura were kind of annoying. Rin's English VA sounded like she had a cold too.

    I loved the High School DxD dub, as much for the script as the VAs

    I usually just end up preferring whichever version I see first.

  • That's pretty much how Hilary Haag normally sounds.

  • @Getchman said in Best and Worst English Dubs:

    Hilary Haag

    If the French girl had to have a French accent, the German girl had to have a german accent and the English girl had to have an English accent, whee was Rin's Chinese accent? Or did they think that would just be labeled racist?

    Wish they had ditched the accents. Charlotte's Japanese VA had a much cuter voice...probably too cute to pass as a guy though. Brina Palencia would have made a perfect Rin.

  • im not sure if its possible to attempt a good Chinese accent without sounding racist

  • @Getchman said in Best and Worst English Dubs:

    im not sure if its possible to attempt a good Chinese accent without sounding racist

    I know several native Chinese that speak English, and there really is no discernible accent while speaking English. For some reason, I can only hear their voice change when they begin speaking Chinese.

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