The queue can't be rearranged and I can't sort shows by most recently added.

    1. The queue. I can't reorder the shows in it and haven't been able to since early last year when I contacted support about it. Here's someone else posting about it on the forum 3 months ago: so it's not just me, and it's not fixed.

    2. Can't sort the shows by Date Added: - If you're seeing 009 at the top, that's the alphabetical listing even though it says Date Added.

    I contacted support about these things a year ago and they're still busted.

  • Thank you so much for your feedback, but please only report suggestions and not bugs in the Suggestions Box. Instead, please report these in Funimation General. I will then move the thread to Funimation Help. We have to keep bug report threads very organized here because they can easily go off-topic, which makes it more difficult to log the bugs to be fixed.

    I have moved this thread to Funimation Help.

    1. I am not able to reproduce this issue. Could you please tell me your browser and OS and how many Shows are in your Queue, so I can have the QA Team attempt to reproduce the issue?

    2. This is actually 2 bugs. One - the sorts on the All Shows page just plain don't work. Yes, this one is over a year old now and was just a lower priority issue that is now being worked on. Two - the Date Added sort itself is being affected by a bug with the Show data that is causing Show's to report the wrong latest release. This one is I think a few months old. Both bugs are fixed in the lower environments and are being tested. I believe the site is the straggler with this one, though, because it's also affected by the broken sort bug.

  • re: where to post - Funimation Help is reply only and the sticky thread in Funimation General says not to report issues there. Might want to fix that if posting there is okay. As for using the contact form, I've used it a bunch and either 1. Don't get a reply. 2. Get a canned reply. 3. Get an unhelpful, "We know" and nothing comes of it. So I figured I'd try here instead. :)

    1. It doesn't matter which browser or how many shows are in my queue. I have tried it in Chrome, IE, and Firefox. I have tried it on a Windows PC and on an iPhone. I have try it with 70+ shows in my queue and 2 shows in my queue. I tried the latter just now, in fact. Deleted every show from my queue, refreshed to make sure it was empty, added two shows, refreshed, tried to move the second show to the top, and refreshed. The arrangement didn't stick. This particular attempt was in Chrome, but I've tried it in several other browsers and on different devices before. It doesn't work. I ended up just re-adding all of the shows to my queue in the order I wanted to get around the issue.

    For the sake of getting this fixed I just tried something new out. I created a new account with another email address, added two shows to the queue, rearranged them, and refreshed. It worked. The shows kept the new arrangement. I added a few more shows to the queue, refreshed, rearranged them, and refreshed again. It worked again. Tried again with a whole bunch of shows and it still worked. Tried all manner of rearranging, adding, and removing, and it kept working.

    So maybe it's just with older accounts, like accounts that were made before the redesign, or maybe just specific accounts like mine?

    1. Cool. Thanks!

  • It's generally not OK to post bugs on the forum because it's harder for us to track issues that get reported to it. We used to be really strict about this, which is why you see that post in Funimation General, but ever since we changed over to the new site, I've been finding more and more that perhaps we need to re-evaluate this policy. Perhaps, I should create a sub forum for just reporting bugs that requires users to have already put in a ticket with Customer Support.

    Funimation Help is reply only, so that I can better keep track of all the threads and issues.

    Because you went through the proper channels by contacting Customer Support first and you still needed assistance with the issue, it was OK to also post the bugs in the forum.

    Thank you so much for doing that additional testing!! It very will could be a thing with older accounts. We have a lot of weird issues like that related to the transition from the old site to this one. My account had a bunch of stuff wrong with it too, since it's survived three sites.

  • @hamsteralliance

    I have the same issue with my queue not saving changes. The workaround I have found is to delete a show from your queue after making all of your changes to get the queue to save. I have a show from the first page of the All Shows list on my queue for this very reason. I just go add it back on after I delete it.

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