“Full Metal Panic: Invisible Victory” English Dub Cast

  • As some of you are well aware, a new anime & season of "Full Metal Panic" is coming out soon in Japan titled "Invisible Victory" and I know there will be a SimulDub on this sometime in the future. I know this will probably be very unlikely to happen but just in case, I want to be assured that whoever the ADR director will be, that they will bring back the original English Dub cast for this production. Especially Chris Patton and Luci Christian ( who both are two in my list of all time favorite voice actors ) as Sousuke Sagara and Kaname Chidori. As well with Hilary Haag as Captain Teletha "Tessa" Testarossa, Blake Shepard as Leonard Testarossa, Vic Mignogna as Kurz Weber, and Alison Keith as Melissa Mao. "Full Metal Panic" was one of the first anime series I ever watched as a kid, and having the original English cast will make it feel we're continuing right where we left off from the last season "Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid". As well the characters that I've mentioned are some of the most well known roles by each of these voice actors respectively. Thank you all for your time and consideration.

    P.S. I would also like to respectfully suggest Chris Guererro ( best known for his role as Ainz Ooal Gown / Momonga in the SimulDub of "Overlord" ) as the character Andrei Sergeivich Kalinin ( who was originally portrayed by the late Mike Kleinhenz ).


    Beau Murphy

  • @BMRogue

    I wouldn't complain if the original voice cast got the nod myself. I don't think Hilary Haag does a lot of voicework for Funimation (seems she is in the wrong part of the country most of the time) but HOPEFULLY they can work out the logistics.

    Also don't forget Kyoko Tokiwa, who while mostly a side character does have a more important role to play in the story assuming they follow the light novels, as I've heard they have. She's played by one of my all-time favorites, Monica Rial.