Possible problems just emerged when viewing forums

  • I refreshed the forum page and the following thing just showed up.

    As you can see, there is now a large white band across the page with the icons for unread to search. Also, as I was typing this post, all the letters were in a white font; I had to highlight all my words to keep track of my progress. Could you please fix this as soon as possible?

  • does that happen in Chrome as well?

  • @administrators A little update on this problem; evidently this thing happens if you have a forum skin other than the default applied in your settings. I reverted to the default theme for the time being, but I would really like it if you could deal with this issue as soon as you can, as a nearly complete white screen doesn't do well for my eyes.

    @HOOfan1 Yes, I checked in Chrome and the same thing happened. Because of this issue, I've also found out the log in issue that I've been having since May still hasn't been resolved.

  • @administrators Another update; apparently the following forum skins are not affected by this issue: Cyborg, Journal, Paper, Readable, Sandstone, and United. I had my forum skin set to Darkly; now it's set to Cyborg.

  • @administrators For some reason, now the Cyborg and Journal skins are experiencing the issue. I have just issued a ticket linking this thread.

  • @administrators Sandstone and United skins are now affected.

    I cleared my cookies and thought I had resolved the problem, but it showed up again after I cycled through the forum skin menu. Also, for some reason, when I refresh the main forum page on having the Paper skin set, the appearance shows up as the default skin instead.

    After setting my skin to the default, then leaving the settings page and coming back, when I try to change the skin the appearance doesn't seem to change from the default when I click on an option.

  • I'm also having this problem, and I don't know how to change my forum skin

  • @Dalmation1013 On your forum profile page you'll see a red button to the right of your avatar picture. Click on it to bring up a menu, then click on "Settings" in that menu. At the top of the settings page is the option to select the forum skin. I had to zoom the screen in or out from my browser's menu first so I could see the red button underneath the large white band.

  • @GalaxyCrisis

    I was able to change it, and the only styles that weren't affected were "Paper" and "Readable"

  • @Dalmation1013 Like I mentioned earlier, six skins were unaffected yesterday, but the issue spread to four of them today.

  • Had this same issue as well, came to the same conclusion... I also submitted a ticket with a screenie detailing the issue is being caused by choosing a different forum skin regardless of your browser. Hopefully they can resolve this issue as I also use a black background when in this forum because it is significantly easier on my eyes...

  • Hmm.... this isn't actually a bug, since it was never intended to allow users to change the forum skin in the first place. Most of the customization and settings functionality was disabled or hidden on purpose (but not without protest).

    However, I think I can write up requirements to actually allow this functionality along with a few other forum enhancement requests.

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