• I was having a difficult time playing videos, they would stop and buffer a lot. After trying all the fixes mentioned i the forums without success, (mostly internet and connection related fixes). I decided to take a different tack. Since the problem was that the bandwith from funimation seemed to be the problem rendering the videos, i decided to try changing my video settings in the nvidia control panel. It works like a charm now even during busy times. The thing to do if you want to try this is go to manage 3d settings click the program setting and select the browser your using. Then turn off all the bs you would use for gaming and such like antialiasing, vert sync, and set max pre-rendered frames to application controlled. I found that after doing this the videos play nicely and the progress bar is always slightly ahead of the play ball. It doesnt seem to affect the quality at all. I hope this helps someone out.. Oh ya im using firefox browser with and nvidia 1070.

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