Shaman king 2014

  • We all loved shaman king,Am i right? I watched all the episodes twice i plan on watching it 3rd time. So it had me thinking why doesn't funimation recreate Shaman king i hate Ren's voice,And plus i think shaman king in HD Would be epic. If they can't do that AT LEAST Try to make shaman king's heart beat again.I miss shaman king so bad NO ONE EVER TALKS ABOUT IT! All you ever hear about today Is AOT, One piece im cool with one piece though, NARUTO,DRAGON BALL Z,And some other anime.Look all i'm saying is that funimation needs to make shaman king come back alive.Anyone else agree?

  • what exactly do you mean by recreate?

  • sighs


    Anime is made IN JAPAN. By the JAPANESE. FUNimation is a company in Texas who does nothing but localize and dub the JAPANESE productions.

    Dear God, people. You'd think this would be common knowledge by now!!


  • No one SAID FOR THEM TO MAKE ANOTHER SEASON SPACEMAN! I hate when people misunderstand me,What i meant was that they redo the episodes like put them in HD or putting in better voice actors,Personally i hate ren,Morty And anna's voice so they could change the voice acting alittle bit and make it alive again like maybe putting it on toonmi

  • Oh. Well in that case….

    Odds are still next to zero. FUNimation tried what you're talking about with Initial D a few years back by re-licensing it, giving it a nice, new video transfer, completely re-dubbing it with a much more faithful translation, and bringing back the original music.

    And it sold horribly. The entire series - all four seasons - went straight to the S.A.V.E. line and you can buy the entire show - 53 episodes, 1 movie, and a few OVAs - for less than $55 bucks.

    After their attempts to "resurrect" Initial D failed, FUNimation simply hasn't been interested in revamping or restoring any old shows. Unless it's a proven seller like DBZ or Bebop, a time-honored classic like Akira, or a result of a license-rescue binge like Tenchi or Armitage, FUNi really ain't interested in the older stuff.

    Really, the only companies I see possibly picking up Shaman King are Discotek Media and Cinedigm/New Video Group. They specialize in rescuing old, forgotten shows and re-releasing them largely for nostalgic purposes. However, neither of them would ever be interested in upscaling the show to HD or getting it completely re-dubbed. Odds are, if Shaman King ever DID get re-licensed, there's a good chance it would be the TV edited broadcast version in a dub-only format. Really, that's the only way I can realistically see it ever getting a re-release.

    Sorry for yelling at you, and sorry for pooping on your dreams, but.... Them's the breaks, kid. shrugs >_<

  • You have a 64 episode anime that bombed back in 2003 for a company that is long dead, only distributed (aka Funimation was contracted to make and sell the DVDs and nothing else) 10 years ago but did so poorly they didn't even release 10 episodes… That's just not a winning formula.
    You're asking for Funimation to redub the series, Funimation isn't even going to license the show, let alone pour money into a series longer then FMA but almost guaranteed to fail.

    It's great to love an anime series, I know I have several shows that I wish were licensed (don't give a flip about English dubs) but you have to understand that just because you like a show doesn't mean other people will.

  • Damnit Ninja'ed…. need to be quicker with my replies.

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