What are you watching winter 2018 Funi season?

  • I think every dub has premiered but either way the title says it all.

    Currently on Funi I'm watching Overlord Citrus, and katana maidens. While the number may be smaller than usual I feel they are pretty decent in quality sofar.

    I don't usually like to talk about non Funi shows but my favorite of the season is definitely Märchen Mädchen.

  • Junji Ito
    Pop Team Epic
    Cardcaptor sakura: Clear Card
    Basilisk: Ouka Ninja Scrolls
    Hakata Tonketsu Ramens ( Watched the first dubbed ep, but not sure if i want to watch this twice)
    Death March
    Teasing Master Takagi
    Dagashi Kashi
    Soul Hunter (watched the first ep out of curiosity. No I idea if i will keep watching this show)
    Overlord 2
    Darling in the FranXX
    maybe Katana Maidens. already watching the simulcast, but I cant decide if i want to watch this twice.

    Still keeping up with Garo, Black Clover, Magus Bride, and Yamato

  • Right now I'm keeping up with Black Clover, as well as going through Death March and Clear Card. Elsewhere there's also Record of Grancrest War and Violet Evergarden.

    Come this spring however, there's a whole mess of sequels and spinoffs I'm interested in.

  • Sadly for me, i just couldn't get into anything for the Winter dub. For me it was either the anime was lacking plot, or it was too gorey, or too fan servicey for me. However, I am still watching The Ancient Magus Bride and Black Clover. But fortunately for me. I still have a ton of animes to watch from earlier this year I have watched yet :)

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