How does Pre-Ordering work?

  • Back in November (on the 16th to be exact). I pre-ordered the Limited Edition of Yuri!!! On Ice! I know the series doesn't come out for another 6 days. But I'm wondering how soon will I get it? I've been charged on my PayPal account already for the blu-ray. And the order still says processing. What I'm wondering is is this not going to ship out until the 6th? Or will it ship out before then and get here on the 6th? Reason I'm asking is I will be going on vacation from the 9th to the 11th of Feburary. And I don't want this sitting in my mailbox all weekend long as my mail carrier is not 100% responsible with my packages and tends to leave them rubber banded to my mailbox.

  • I'm not sure when they ship in general, but I do have an answer for Yuri!!! On ICE from Customer Support.

    "Some items with a 2/06 street date were processed early but your order should ship correctly for delivery on February 6th."

  • Okay cool, thank you! I don't doubt that Funimation will ship properly and on time. It's just my letter carrier I am a little more worried about with her recent unprofessional handling of my packages. So from what your saying here is I will get before I leave?

  • Yes, I have been told that it should get there before you leave. Be sure to notify Customer Support if you don't have a tracking number by 2/6.

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