Fix the Video Buffering

  • There are times where I am watching an episode and suddenly the video stops playing. I look down at the bar and see that I have caught up to the buffering bar, so I pause and wait for it to start buffering again. And I wait. And I wait. And I wait. Sometimes it will start again, only to pause once more, sometimes it won't start and I'll have to reload the page or try skipping that spot. Either way, it's annoying to have to keep pausing a video and wait to start watching again. And it has nothing to do with the thirty second buffering intervals, it has more to do with the buffering stopping and not continuing to buff. Please fix.

  • This problem has apparently been going on for a long time, and all we get is "please list the episode number of the anime" even though it's happening with a LOT of shows. They also keep telling us to check our internet and browser they not read? :/

    I can't even bother finishing Pani Poni Dash because of the buffering issue.

  • I don't even know what is wrong with customer service, and why we get these robotic responses that are not helpful. Guess because of the high volume of tickets, they can only respond that way.

    I want to be able to buffer the entire video, and make it easy to fast forward and rewind through the video without delays.

    and in the Windows 10 app, allow you to select the video quality within the player.

  • @Cvlsoldier Please contact Customer Support using this form and report which app you are on. Buffering can have a lot of different causes with some on the user side and some on our side. Customer Support will be able to help narrow down the cause and possibly also offer troubleshooting depending on what that cause is. If it is something on our end or they are unable to determine why the player is buffering, they will ask for some information to give to our developers to work out the issue.

    @Joeynator3000 Did you answer all of Customer Support's questions? Is the issue happening on other shows? Pani Poni Dash could just be a content issue, which is only causing buffering and not itself a general buffering issue with the app. I did meet with Customer Support about your tickets and did see that the rep had mistakenly identified the report as buffering and not an SVOD issue. I have since reported the episodes to our Digital Team to fix.

    @Spaceshotx7 I have already explained this to you in other threads.

    To answer your other questions:

    I have asked if we can increase the size of the buffer. Could you please post your download connection speed?

    Unfortunately, we cannot make any changes to the Windows 10 app player as it uses the system video player.

    We will be implementing download for offline viewing later for Premium subscribers on the iOS and Android apps. Hopefully that helps if you also have one of those devices.

    To anyone else that would like to report buffering, please do so in a new thread in Funimation General and include your device, your OS, your internet connection download speed on that device, and a specific video even if it is "all the videos you have watched".

    Let's keep this thread for just the people that have already posted. If anyone else posts, I will have to delete those posts. I do apologize for the inconvenience. However, this will help me to better assist you.

    Moving this to Funimation Help, because "I suggest you fix this" is not a suggestion.

  • This is on my computer which is a Dell laptop. My operating system is windows 8.1 and my internet download speed is 5.95 Mbps. The Buffering Issue is with all the shows I watch, but a recent example would be Keijo!!!!!!!!!! episode 1.

  • Thank you very much for the information. I have a few more questions:

    1. Which browser are you using? You answered Chrome in another thread. Thank you!
    2. When were you watching that episode? Could you please provide an approximate date and time?
    3. Could you please describe the nature of the buffering, so that we know what to look for? Approximately when did it start, how long did it last, and how often did it happen during that episode?

    Thank you!!

  • I started watching the episode I think around 10 o'clock last night or so. The Buffering issue I have is that it loads up the 30 seconds, like it should, but then once I catch up to it, it sometimes doesn't continue and I have to pause for a random amount of time waiting for it to start again. That or I reload the page and sometimes that doesn't even work. Oh, and that happened 3 times.

  • It's actually happening right now while I'm watching Hundred episode 6. It's pretty much doing this every 10 or 20 seconds and one time it actually seemed to get stuck for about a minute or so and then started loading again.

  • 1 gig ps4 hardwired buffering.....shouldn't be paying for service that has to keep buffering

  • Currently Using Samsung smart TV 100mb/s
    Also experience buffering issues on ps3 and ps4.
    Most shows it seems like they do this. right now its my hero academia episode 40 though.
    The most frustrating part is within the app there is no buffering, it's like you can only download 15 seconds at a time. I can let it sit for 5 minutes and yet 15 seconds later the hamster wheel starts turning.
    As I said before several devices do it and my internet is fine because Netflix has no issue. It is on your end please fix. this this should be a higher priority.

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