Ace Attorney Anime pre-order problems...

  • :( This isn't good. Since this past Tuesday this week, Ace Attorney Anime series DVD/Blu-Ray box set combo with episodes 1-13 hasn't mail to me yet. Because it's out of stock? Ah...But for how long though? I really want it so badly for I bought it since October right away to be one of the first people 'like the others' to getting it too. But it should be mailed to me by now...I hope everyone else isn't having the same trouble as I am too.

  • if you want it early, buy from rightstuf. i believe they are the only anime retailer that ships before the release date

  • Oh, wait. I got it. Email to cancel the order then, figured it out. And yeah, Right Stuf will do better to getting it. Thanks.

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