This is about King's Game

  • I watched the anime last week. I told some of my friend's in home room about it and they all thought it sounded crazier than Jigsaw. Later in the week, someone sent the entire homeroom class a "King's Game" text. No one was hurt, but my friends freaked out. The phone was block, we think a Virgin phone, and I have no idea who did it. I even suspect one of my friends, cause he can be an asshole, but I don't think he would do this.

    Has something like this happened to you guys?

  • Lol no and it was nice knowing you! But seriously no, if you understood the Kings game it's all about putting your mind in a state of panic which eventually leads to the events happening the way they did. If you are really bothered by it the authorities (police) are always there for you but my guess is, it's someone messing with you and don't worry about it again. Plus what did the message say? In any case ignore it. Can't go walking around believing every damn thing. That the remedy for a short life.

  • I'll leave out the last names

    "Amy will touch Laura's chest or face punishment" It also came with all the King's Game rules

    And I know the point of King's Game, I'm just saying this person went the extra mile to screw with us and I wanted to share it with other fans. BTW: Does anyone else think the makers of Truth or Dare ripped this off?

  • Just put him in your death note.

  • @Nobu Is the Death Note more powerful than King, though :)

  • Sadly the death note would be useless on the king since you don't know his/her face or name. I think if you and your class just act like 5% smarter than the characters did in that show you'll all be just fine.

  • @MyOnlyFarph What is there an eagle sized plot hole in King's Game?

  • @deadpool360 Not exactly, it's just that the characters often act really irrationally or childishly and make their problems much worse. I mean look at what happened to them, ha.

  • @MyOnlyFarph Well, I think it'd be hard for anyone to keep their cool. Though that one chick who kill her entire family but not her dog has serious priority issues

  • I don't get who the so called king in the anime was?

    And how was it created?

  • @Spaceshotx7 King is supposed to be a sentient virus that can give hynoyic suggestions so strong it causes your body to believe these things are happening.

  • @deadpool360 how does the king virus causes bodies to kill themselves by hanging themselves, or bleed out, or other gory stuff?

    How did the virus originate, and who created it? And how is the virus sending text messages?

    Finally, how does the virus spread, and how do people contract it?

  • And are any of these questions answered in the show itself?

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