Yu Gi Oh! series

  • Know what I wish, and know may never happen, like a snow ball chance in Hades chance of happening....I would love if Funimation was allowed to redub the 5 Yu-Gi-Oh series (soon 6), and have it uncut and uncensored...so we see all the stuff that we missed...such as scenes and episodes, and heck, even a whole season. 4Kids made the show enjoyable to me, but know it was better in the original...and would have loved to see Funi do that...even if it is just for DVD releases. I'd buy each and every DVD set, just to see stuff I missed in a dub format. Like I said, likely never gonna happen...even though 4Kids F'd Konami and they in turn ended up acquiring them (I dont know the full details mind you), and likely Konami may never let any other studio do the series....which is a shame.

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