Upcoming Ace Attorney DVD/Blu-Ray 2 Combo Set...

  • So the first one is really good series, huh? Awesome! Well, with the first one out will the second come out later this year? July? August? September? I hope so for all of us 'even for me' to pre-order it on the store. Also, who will be playing the roles for the coming last three stories later...? Well, we know that Jessica Peterson is playing as Franziska von Karma for sure...So, if anyone knows of the other roles, please let me know. Me and all of us are looking forward to this.

    Reunion, and Turnabout:

    Turner Grey
    Ini Miney and Mimi Miney
    Morgan Fey

    Turnabout Big Top:

    Maximillion Galactica (Billy Bob Johns)
    Regina Berry
    Russell Berry
    Benjamin Woodman & Trilo Quist
    Moe (Lawrence Curls)
    Acro (Ken Dingling)
    Bat (Sean Dingling)

    Farewell, My Turnabout:

    Matt Engarde
    Juan Corrida
    Adrian Andrews

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