2017 Anime Ladies Tournament – Round 5 - Match 2

  • Cast your vote for the lady that will move on to the next round! The voting will remain open until 12:00 pm Mountain Time tomorrow.
    You must post your vote, as well as the current score after taking your vote into account. Please note clearly who you are voting for, either by making a comment or by highlighting your vote in the score tally. You may only vote once, and once you post you cannot change your vote. The first to 10 points or the highest score after 24 hours wins.
    Our competitors!
    Motoko Kusanagi
    Ghost in the Shell
    alt text
    Yona of the Dawn
    alt text
    Motoko – 0
    Yona - 0

  • Motoko – 0
    Yona - 1

    This is a tough match up for sure, but I am standing firm on my girl Yona.

    Yona is just such a good example of someone being thrust in to a world that she isn't nearly prepared for and adapting and surviving. We start the show with this,

    alt text

    and in the end, we get this,

    alt text

    In the beginning of the show she really is the definition of spoiled, pampered, annoying princess who does not fully accept the responsibility that is being placed on her as a member of the royal family and potential ruler, but boy by the end of the anime she understands, and she only continues to grow in the manga in to a character we can truly all root for.

    She gives up everything for her people, from her own welfare and personal beliefs, all to protect the people of her kingdom and to keep them from falling under the rule of someone she feels will bring them nothing good.

    Yona isn't a character that starts as a badass, but she becomes one through development and building which I find very interesting to watch.

    Plus, she's got dragons. That ups the cool points so much.

    alt text

  • I wanna quit in protest since my favorites lost...but I don't want Motoko to win either

    Motoko - 0
    Yona - 2

  • Motoko - 1
    Yona - 2

  • Motoko - 1
    Yona - 3

  • Motoko - 1
    Yona - 4

  • Motoko - 1
    Yona - 5

  • Motoko-1

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