Gifting an account/prepay service

  • Is there a possibility of being able to purchase a years worth of the subscription service that can be gifted to another individual by prepay for a year (or other set timeframe)? I have my own account but would like to give other family members a chance to enjoy what your service has to offer without sharing my own account or setting up an additional recurring monthly charge which would also allow them to set and save their own favorites.

  • Yes, we will be introducing a feature where Premium subscribers can share their subscription access with up to two other Free accounts.

    We should also be introducing a feature where it is possible to gift subscription access as a gift for someone else without requiring a credit card to redeem the gift.

  • That's what I like to hear, both options sound great. I have people I'd like to gift subscriptions to. Hopefully you guys will see a small boost in subscribers once the feature is released, it'll be win-win. Thanks for the update.

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