Bring back reverse landscape (android)

  • It could just be an issue with my phone, but i have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app. The funimation app used to do landscape and reverse landscape when watching videos, and then for some reason after an update a while back that feature was gone. This is really inconvenient. An example would be if I want to get the full length out of my charging cable while watching something, and landscape makes it bend or go the wrong way, but if I were still able to use reverse landscape this wouldn't be an issue. It should have never been removed as a feature. Please bring this back.

  • I'll have QA confirm that this functionality is no longer available. I'm not sure if it's actually supposed to be a feature or not, though. If it isn't, we'll be adding. :)

  • Any eta on the reverse landscape?

  • @Sophie is there any eta or news on bringing this feature back? Also adding the upcoming episode schedule to the app would be nice.

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