Anime’s that should be dubbed

    1. Blue spring ride
    2. My little monster
    3. Norn9
    4. Suki ni naru sono (movie)
    5. Bonjour sweet love patisserie

    I would really love it if you could get the ok to dub these anime series and movies, I’m not sure if they are licenced to someone else yet or at all but if not that would be awesome

  • Wikipedia and MyAnime list will tell you who holds the license.

    I'd say the majority of the time, if Funimation holds the license, they have dubbed it, and Funimation doesn't have the license to any of the shows you requested.

    1. Blue Spring Ride - Sentai
    2. My Little Monster - NIS
    3. Norn9 -Sentai
    4. Suki ni Naru sono - Aniplex (although Funimation has dubbed some Aniplex stuff, not sure what their relationship is now)
    5. Bonjour sweet love patisserie - Crunchyroll (Funimation does have a deal with Crunchyroll, but since these are just shorts, they may not feel it worth their time to dub them)

  • Some of my favorite series I wished where dubbed:

    My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU
    Nisekoi: False Love
    Yosuga No Sora "never understood the hate this series gets"

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