Your Favorite and Least Favorite Funimation ADR Directors

  • So I’ve been away for a bit, and I thought about doing something fun in the meantime. Just asking: Within Funimation’s lineup, which ADR Director is your favorite and which is your least favorite? No one is wrong with who they choose; just don’t be biased or disparaging and we’ll all get along fine.

    Personally, my favorite ADR director is Colleen Clinkenbeard. Beyond recognition that could rival Mike McFarland, her dubs are genuinely amazing quality due to how they perfectly capture the emotions and voices of the characters onscreen. Whether it be FMA 2003, Panty and Stocking, My Hero Academia, or Steins;Gate, Colleen has made some of Funimation’s all-time best dubs, and I can’t wait to see whatever she has next in store.

    As for least favorite, I know a lot of people are going to say Sonny Strait, and I can see why, as he often heavily exaggerates emotions for the characters to the point where it feels unnatural. However, I feel it’s worse when there is no emotion than when the emotions are overdone, and that is why Zach Bolton is my least favorite. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to rag on Zach; he’s done great work in the past, particularly on Soul Eater. But I find his work on Future Diary, Dimension W, and Death Parade (though Cris George saved that dub) to be very barebones.

    Anyway, those are my picks. What are yours?

  • My favorite FUNimaion ADR Directors

    Coleen Clinkenbeard
    Caitlin Glass
    Joel MacDonald

    Least Favorite

    Jerry Jewel (but he is doing a great job on Yamato 2199, so he may be moving off the list lol)

  • I'm not really knowledgeable on who's directed what, but Ian Sinclai did a good job on Haganai Next, I think Jamie Marchi has done some shows I like and Colleen Clinkenbeard. I'm not really that hard to please

  • I personally think Catlin Glass as an ADR director cares more about the insert, character sung songs getting dubbed than for example Clifford Chapin, and for that I think Catlin Glass is a great ADR director.

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