Cat planet cuties SEASON 2!!!!

  • REASON: Do it for the 1,114 people that have signed petitions and requests. Just let us see one more season about WHO will Kio date and Eris' mating stages and plenty new adventures!
    It may be 4 years since the series but at least TRY TO DO ONE MORE!!! I get anxiety from the last episode almost every day!

  • First off, welcome to the forums.

    Secondly, if this is related to Cat Planet Cuties, then why did you post it in the forum for Maria the Virgin Witch?

    Lastly, please read this:

    In short, Funimation does not make anime. Therefore, they have absolutely no control over whether or not a second season of Cat Planet Cuties will be made.

    Also, anime petitions do not work, have never worked, and probably never will work. So the fact that 1,114 people signed a petition really doesn't mean anything.

    I'm sorry for you, I really am. But the way things are looking, it doesn't seem like a second season of Cat Planet Cuties is ever going to happen.

    I'll be locking this topic up now. I apologize for any confusion.

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