Funimation Now Windows Limited Space

  • I've been using your Funimation Now App to watch anime on the computer and I notice from last few months using it wasn't any other shows in the queue that I have added and wasn't showing in the pc version. I'm thinking that there may be an space limiter for the pc version. I don't know why that is setup that way. Is it possible to add unlimited queue space to the pc version?

  • When viewing the queue in the funimation now windows app. You're only able to have a max of 7 columns.

  • Yeah, there may still be a feed limiter on the Windows 10 app. How many Shows do you see in the app?

    I'm going to move this thread over to Funimation Help, since this could be a bug.

  • @Sophie The max is 7 columns. I notice a 8th column with one show, in total of 50 shows. The actual number is 59.

  • Ah, that's it then. Looks like that app wasn't fixed with the others when it was reported for them. That actually makes sense. Thanks!

    I'll see what we can do to get that fixed, and in the meantime will move this thread over to Funimation Help.

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