New Funimation app for PS3, PS4 & Firestick.

  • @sophie suggested in another forum topic that a request for a new app is more likely to see positive results than repairs to the current always buffering, super buggy, ever broken Funimation Now app. Funimation, your current app designs and executions are terrible and detract from the end users enjoyment of your services. These apps are terrible and you should feel bad for forcing your customers to deal with them, and you should feel worse for making us put up with them for so long. I enjoy the content you provide but it is difficult to enjoy anything if it's always buffering, or controls quit working(PS3), not saving resume points in playback, poor picture quality, app freezing up after every episode (firestick only), and just generally not working. The interface in general I'm not a fan of, the layout is unappealing and the unnecessary layers of menus are frustrating. However I could easily deal with all that if the apps worked smoothly. But since the apps don't really work that well (or at all some days) , I am suggesting that it might be time to release some new, improved, modern designed, thoroughly tested, customer approved Funimation streaming apps that work as intended and smoothly. Please? Pretty please? Pretty please with sugar!?!? I'll be your best No but seriously, new working apps please!

  • Im surprised that funimation doesnt have a bunch of piracy problems. Becuase id almost rather take that risk then pay my subscription for apps that never wanna work. Listen to your customers and please for the love of your viewers make a working app. Ill get on my knees a beg jeeze

  • My apps work fine.
    Yay, me!

  • @thomasdecker93 I completely agree with you that PS3 should have a new app. However, I'm not sure if PS3 is still really supported anymore. We'd also have to see a lot of user requests for one.

    I don't see any specific complaints for PS4, though, which is what PS3 would have been changed to were we to make a new app. Please let me know what you think we should change on that app. We already have some improvements in the works. You can post that information in this thread.

    As for Firestick, I'd love to work with you to get a very specific list of items to look at. Some could be known issues and some could be enhancements. Firestick was made before the PS4 app and at the time required there to be a ton of extra landing screens, so it isn't as nice in my opinion. We had those extra screens stripped out for the other console apps and for the other set-top apps to streamline the process. For this, could you make a separate thread in Funimation General and @ me? I can then move it to Funimation Help.

    Thank you!

  • To put it bluntly, the PS4 app has been a disaster ever since the FunimationNow redesign. Where the old app was fast, easily navigated (with a clean and simple interface) , and generally reliable with streaming, the new app is a textbook case of incompetent design- it's slow, the interface is unnecessarily bloated and convoluted, and glitches are rampant even after numerous updates. It was more hassle than I was willing to put up with, and I ultimately ended up cancelling my subscription over it. Just wasn't worth it.

  • @bigmetalbeast Out of curiosity, how long has it been since you cancelled? The PS4 app has received two major redesigns since the first one. The one right after it sounds exactly as you describe. We've since redesigned it, and I'd love to hear any feedback (good or bad) that you have on that one.

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