Ways to cut back on the buffering?

  • I'm at the end of my rope I can't even get through 15 seconds of a show before I get 4-5 seconds of buffering on SD… HD is worse off with a whopping buffer of 30-45 seconds... I thought it was my bandwidth but it does this at my friends house as well... Is there any way at all to cut back on this... It feels like I'm paying a monthly to watch a buffering circle.

    I've checked all the support stuff and just see the we're working on it stuff like they have had for god knows how long on the site... I feel like the old player they had lagged less since honestly I never actually had a issue watching it... Only issue with the old one was actually making it to the page to watch it lol.

  • Just writing to say this still isn't watchable for me no matter where I go or what I do… Since it's been a few days since I posted this and have yet to hear a single thing I may end up canceling my sub. Funi really needs to just say fuck it and work out a deal with netflix to have all the anime shown there at least they have aps that work.

  • have you tried this route?


    any problems with the site are better addressed through the support link than a random spot in the forum section of the site.


  • the support staff do not frequent this section of the forum, it would be best to post this here:
    They may be able to help you, could be something as simple as a port issue, or maybe it's your location, I don't know but they are pretty good about helping out.

  • They don't frequent any forums… Most of the help forums are responded to in such a way that makes me think a legless dog could do better. I know it's no port issue and I'm us east coast so I know it's not a issue on my end... It's been doing this on my account here and a friends house and a few other places I tried it... I know it's not just me either because I see tons of people complaining about it.

    My join says sep 2013 but I've been a member since around a month after they launched evs and honestly idk why I've kept coming back to it... Every time it's major disappointment but honestly I think my disappointment is still buffering. I had hoped the new player would have solved issues but honestly I think the old player with the laggy website did a bit better as far as streaming goes.

    Thanks for the post I'm just getting pissed... When a 30 min episode takes nearly a hour to watch due to 5 seconds of watching and 5 seconds of buffering it's just not a very good experience. I've resorted to watching most of the things I want on hulu with the commercials.

  • I'm sorry that the responses on the Help forum don't seem to be answering your questions, however, we do know about the buffering issue and are working to resolve it.

    Please see the Help forum thread about the buffering issue, if you haven't already, for information on the newest information that we have available on the issue.

    It cannot be overstated that we have been unable to reproduce this issue internally. That doesn't mean it's a user-end issue, but it does mean that we can't collect any of our own data for the issue, and have to rely on user data, which is a large part of the reason it's taking so much time to resolve. Any of the requested data you can provide in the official thread, or through a ticket to "Playback Issue" will be immensely useful to us to resolve this issue.

  • So do you also experience some sort of buffering issues when you try to watch videos at home or other locations outside of your place of work just like everyone else?

  • Me? No, I don't. The only time I have ever been able to reproduce the issue was with a few of the late episodes of Steins;Gate at a friend's house, on the old site. I was able to consistently reproduce the issue with those specific episodes in that one specific location, but I have never been able to repeat it anywhere else, and was not able to reproduce it with any other episodes at that friend's house. I have also been unable to reproduce it at all on the new site.

    This certainly isn't intended to make it sound like myself, or anyone else on our tech support team, doesn't think this is a real issue! It's clearly something that's happening to a number of users, and it's likely something on our end, since these users can view things on other sites just fine, and there's some overlap in most-reported episodes with issues (the end of Steins;Gate, for instance, is reported twice as often as the first season).

    However, it also can't be overstated how difficult it is to figure out what in the world is wrong with a complex website when we're unable to collect ANY of our own data specifically related to an occurrence of the issue and have to rely on reported data– this is part of what has slowed us down on the Territory Issue as well. However, we think we've narrowed things down quite a bit for the buffering issue, after some new information this last week. We've already updated the information we're currently looking for, and while I'm not ready to announce anything at the moment, I think there might be another update on the issue soon. :)

  • I get this issue with everything doesn't matter what I'm watching… Honestly I think it's something to do with the buffering itself... Why can't it be set to buffer 2-3 minutes ahead.. Also the stream itself seems to start limiting the bandwidth shortly after clicking play... like it goes from 1.2 mbps to under 200 kbps as if a switch got flipped to cut back on bandwidth usage. That's the initial issue that prompted me to check it out at my friends house and we had the same issue and we're on 2 different providers. I'm starting to wonder if it has anything to do with the old accounts that got brought over from the old site because I noticed most people who complained are older members from pre new site. I know I went through hell just to resub before which is the reason I'm reluctant to unsub

  • Yep I've been having the same issue with buffering. And yet it's also sporadic. Most of the time I try and watch anything I get the few seconds of show then buffer and repeat. On the rare occasion I get a stream that plays all the way through. I initially thought it might have to do with time of day and high traffic, but it happens all the time regardless. I really hope Funi can pin point this issue. I've had issues with Funi's website and streaming since I be came a member years ago. It makes me hate coming here. Especially when I'm trying to watch with a friend and you can tell they are annoyed too. It's hard to get them to watch new anime if it's going to buffer to the point where things are unwatchable. I don't have any issues on other sites.

  • I definitely suggest submitting tickets with the requested information. The more information we can get from different people for whom this is occurring, the better.

  • The issue with submitting a ticket is the fact that most of the information that they want is nothing but a waste of time some of the information that is asked for like os and whatnot isn't needed for this kinda trouble shooting when it's the network protocol itself that is the issue. It's like asking what's wrong with the car and showing them a small cat sitting on a pillow.. I do networking trouble shooting and can tell you just from reading that it sounds like a issue of account permissions and the player having something clashing.

    Also I was testing something and noticed when it's doing the mass buffering there's around a 60-70% packet loss then it drops to the normal 3-5% which is normal for udp… The 60-70% is what flagged it as a issue of permissions and player conflicts.. It can happen to any show if it's being played on that account... There's another thing I noticed which is the vast majority of people who have this issue are those who had accounts migrated from the old site... These are the things I would look at the most... Check the permissions of all of the older accounts and see if there's a conflict there.

  • @Fangoram69: If you have any documentation you can provide that shows the issue you're talking about, please send it directly to funsite-tech@funimation.com, if you haven't already. I'm definitely not willing to close off any avenues of inquiry, but I need documentation, not just an explanation of what you saw, in order to send anything to my supervisors and actually get it looked at. It's worth noting again that we have never been able to reproduce this issue on the new site, so any data we're seeing isn't going to match yours because we're not actually able to see the issue and therefore are not able to collect any information while the issue is actually occurring. This is why data from users is so desperately important.

  • I would send logs if I kept them I just watch the network activity how much is sent and received using a program that is for the most part like windows resource monitor. It's called Oracle Solaris it's what I used when I was in school and use it when I wanna watch data streamed. I don't set it to keep the logs more then 24 hours when I use it though so I'm going to have to go back to my friends house on a day off and try to recreate the issue… The past few hours though the buffering issue hasn't been happening though so idk what to think of that.

    If I could make a request to move this to the support forums and I'll update it when I get more information.. The udp packet loss I mentioned I'm starting to think has nothing to do with the account permissions like I originally thought because I realized it wouldn't have sent the header in the first place if that was the case. The initial request for the data always seems to go through and the loss doesn't actually happen till it's streaming and because of that I'm actually at a loss. I'm going to watch something while my streaming is actually smooth and I'll email tech if I get any relevant information or any logs that show more then just the streaming data. If the issue can't be reproduced on your end though the best course of action would be to ask the user base through email if they are experiencing the buffer issue and ask for detailed information and if they are not just ignore the email. There's some people I'm sure who get the issue and just don't post about it or email support but if they are actively asked about the problem they have a higher chance of responding.. It's the best way to get feedback really and shows that you're actively working on the problem which boosts moral of those experiencing the issue.

    Oh and on a unrelated note sorry I do multiple periods it's a habit I picked up awhile back it helps me to read and write a bit better because I can't see spaces the dots make it easier to proof read.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • So this post is 4 years old... yet the problem has moved onto the mobile devices...

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