Watch History Disappearing?

  • It looks like my watch history is only storing the last 2 months of watch history. Is that by design? If so that's crazy. If I start a show, and come back later, there is no watch history to show me what episodes I've already seen. If I've watched a show entirely there is no way to tell either. There is already no way to tell if you've rated a show on the website, as it doesn't highlight the rating in red like the roku/mobile apps. At least store our watch history indefinitely, or until we CHOOSE to delete something from it :( PLEASE!!!

  • @hessbri Your history is stored indefinitely. What you are probably experiencing is the bug where progress on a video is reset when you have watched it completely. I have asked for an update on the fix.

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  • @Sophie Ahhhhhhh, that makes sense! Thank you! Strangely there is another bug in the forum here, as I never received any notification that you replied even though I made sure to mark the post as watched when I created it :(

    Between those 2 bugs, and the All Shows page sorting bug that has now propagated to the Android and Roku apps, I don't think I can really hold my breath on them. The sorting bug has existed since the new website design, and I think I've submitted a dozen help tickets for it :(

    Here's hoping 2018 will be the year they start getting some of them fixed.

  • Yes, here's hoping! ^_^

    The sorting issue was a lower priority bug, but is now scheduled to be worked on.

    The All Shows Recently Added sort issue will be fixed on the Production environment in the next 3 weeks or so when we do our regular production deploy. It's a bug causing bad Show data. This is why you see it on all the apps, and why it happened without us changing the code that determines how the sorts work.

    The notifications have been turned off in the forum until we can schedule connecting the forum up with the service we use to send out emails.

  • @Sophie outstanding news!!

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