Ancient Magus Bride inset song Episode 11

  • I finally got a chance to play catch up this afternoon on a couple series I'm running behind on from the Fall season, but was asked to find out the basic info for the song when I made it that far. First, before anybody asks if it's going to be dubbed, I need to point out that this song is not in Japanese. I'm not sure what language it is, but it is NOT Japanese. For that reason, I cannot provide a translation. The title is Iruna Eteruro イルナ エテルロ and the performer is Daichi Takenaka 竹中大地. The song itself isn't exactly something I'm going to be interested in, but will admit that he has a great voice. (For those that don't know, I'm not normally a fan of male Japanese singers because their singing voices are usually rather coarse so that's actually a relatively strong compliment. There are less than half a dozen male Japanese singers that I will listen to.)

    I realize that this wasn't asked for on the forum, but need to use this as a sort of message board and the person that asked knows to look for it here.

    Edit: It didn't immediately occur to me that some people may not know what song I'm talking about, so Here's a youtube link. Sorry, no subtitles. I don't know how the youtube "next video" rotation works, but DO NOT make the same mistake I did and watch the next video with ROSE. Not only is it very sad, it's a major spoiler.

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