Ads w/ sub

  • Not only do i get ads with a subscription but I also got 4 of these ads in a row. In addition to this these ads don't even load properly so I'm stuck waiting for minutes for an I pay to not have to see. I don't understand if this site is a scram or what but this doesn't seem right.

  • @SAMwow18 Funimation might not have the Subscription video on demand (SVoD) rights to this show or it could be a bug. I would contact Customer Service (or Funimation Help on Facebook) to let them know about this issue.

  • Please send in a ticket to and let the tech team know about your issue. You can also try sending them a message on Twitter @FunimationHelp and you might get a faster response that way.

  • According to your account, you should have Premium subscriber access. According to the CMS, Shikabane Hime is available in each of our licensed territories for SVOD. Could you please tell me which app you are using and which video you are seeing ads on? Please be specific even if you are seeing ads on every video. This will help us to investigate.

    Could you also please try logging out of the device you are on or out of the website and then logging back in. This should update your subscriber role.

  • I am getting same thing the anime No-Rin subbed by Funimation and I pay for yearly premium and I’m using my amazon tv box and ad keep poping up

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