Vita app

  • I know companies do not like to disclose any information on things that are not finished and/or things that are close to being finished, but I have to ask, where is the Vita app?
    It has been a while since it has been promised and we have not heard of it since. It is being advertised on the website, but no information on its availability. I would really love an answer. In fact, I just want to to know if it is being worked on or not, it would put my mind to rest.

  • The Vita app is not supposed to be being promoted on the website, but it was at one time. Could you please link to where it is still being promoted, so that we can remove it?

    The Vita app was going to be released, but it has been delayed due to an issue with the native video player. We are waiting on that to be resolved.

  • The ad has been taken down. I made a grammar error and meant to say it WAS being advertised.
    Thank you for replying.

  • @theresort No problem. ^_^ Keep an eye on the blog and the forum for any app announcements.

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