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  • I seem to find across all platforms the same problems in the "my queue" section of FunimationNow. Either a certain show or episode may end and not actually read as having been finished even if it has, or you'll have a massive backlog of shows that haven't been finished even if you just watched one episode. There should be an option to clear select episodes or shows from your queue.

  • I'll add my voice to having this same problem. Very annoying to see completed episodes still 'waiting to be viewed'.

  • It is already possible to remove Shows from your Queue, but it can only be done on the website. Please go to to manage your Queue. Then refresh the Queue screen on the app.

    The issue with the watch next logic is known. It's because the player isn't recording enough progress for the previous episode when you marathon to the next episode. A video's progress is determined to be "complete" when the video has been watched to the next whole minute after 95% of duration. Because of the bug, though, this progress is not recorded when the player marathons. To get around this for now, you can scrub to just before the last whole minute mark of an episode and let the player play through that mark. Then exit the player before it marathons.

    I'm not sure I understand this statement: "or you'll have a massive backlog of shows that haven't been finished even if you just watched one episode." If you've only watched one episode of a Show in your Queue, why would the Show read as "finished"? Wouldn't you want it to say "Watch Next: Episode 2"?

    Also, we will be introducing filters to Queue a bit later, which should hopefully help with working through your to watch list.

  • I too am encountering this problem. I watch an episode - I even watch it all the way thru the end credits until the screen goes white. I even let it sit on the blank end screen for three or four minutes. Then I go back to my queue and it's listed as "Continue Watching." ARRGH! And while it's stuck in that mode, it won't let me know if a new episode shows up. I'm currently having that problem with both "Garo" and "Citrus." I've tried Sophie's suggestion of replaying the last few minutes several times, letting it go all the way to the end (and frankly, a paying customer should really not have to jump through these kinds of hoops just to make something work properly) but nope- still marked as "Continue." Please - either fix this bug or give us a way to mark episodes as "watched" so the queue will actually work in alerting us to new eps. Thank you.

  • @Otaku-Jiisan Thank you for trying and for reporting what happened. I'll have our QA team see if they can reproduce the issue. Could you please tell me which episode you watched all the way to the end? Is it always the latest episode? Does the issue happen if you watch the first episode all the way to the end?

    Do you see the "Continue Watching" and the episode you just watched on its Show Detail or is it just on Queue?

  • I watched "GARO" Episode 13 all the way to the end. It showed in my queue as "Continue" so I went back and started it again, jumped to a couple of minutes from the end, and let it play to the end once more. I even left it there a few minutes so that Funi would register it as complete. But when I went back to my queue, it still shows "Continue." And when I check the Show Detail it only shows the ep as half-completed.

    I did the same things with "Citrus" Ep 01. Same problem. If it helps, I am on a Mac, using Firefox, latest version. It does not happen with every episode, but enough so that it becomes frustrating. It is especially problematic with shorts.

  • TLDR; I'm not able to reproduce the prefix text issue. This is what we call "Continue Watching", "Watch Next", and "Watched".

    Long Version:

    I have found out that the web player is actually posting every 2 minutes right now instead of every minute while we work out the performance issue. So many people watching at once causes a lot of posts to history, which is overloading things. The apps are still posting every minute.

    So, to get something to register as complete on the web player, you need to skip to the whole-minute mark that is 2 minutes before the end, and then let it play through until it reaches 95% of duration. Complete is not triggered at the end of a video. This is more problematic on the shorts as you've noted, but that's just how it is for those for now until we can work on certain feature updates.

    Testing in Chrome on Windows 10:
    I marathoned through episode 5 of Fairy Tail and stopped before it marathoned to 6. My Queue and the Show Detail both correctly displayed "Watch Next Episode 6".

    I tested on Garo Vanishing Line 13 and Citrus episode 1 and was unable to reproduce the issue. The site correctly updated to "Watched" in My Queue and on the Show Detail on both. For Citrus, I skipped to 20 minutes. For Garo, I skipped to 21 minutes.

    I'm having our QA Team test Mac/Firefox.

  • @Sophie

    No. It only happens on certain episodes and only using Firefox (from what I can tell.) I can generally clear them by rewatching the last few minutes on my Android app or on Chrome. (I just tested all these.) So what I'm simply reporting is there appears to be a bug with Funi's player in Firefox. Not a major issue I suppose but Firefox IS the second-most popular browser, and it might be worth fixing.

  • OK. Thanks for the update. Which Mac OS are you on?

  • @Sophie
    Yosemite - 10.10.5

  • Thank you!

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