Violet Evergarden - Not for the U.S. according to Netflix !

  • I had a live chat with them about 30 minuets ago . They said that we won't get the show , but everyone else will . After I pointed out that they were showing it on their Netflix Youtube channel , they quit chatting with me . First they pulled the Star trek Discovery bs , then no Godzilla movie in November last year (they even had a dubbed trailer saying the date) , now this ..... geeze...

  • I said it in one thread already, and I'll say it again here; Netflix is giving everyone else the preferential treatment with this series. They have everything done production-wise and they refuse to offer the same experience to everyone globally.

  • @GalaxyCrisis said in Violet Evergarden - Not for the U.S. according to Netflix !:

    Netflix is giving everyone else the preferential treatment with this series.

    @GalaxyCrisis said in Violet Evergarden - Not for the U.S. according to Netflix !:

    they refuse to offer the same experience to everyone globally.

    I pointed there are a number of major countries without it aside from the US.

  • @Doublethree100 And I also said they'll probably get it within a few weeks. I'm fine with waiting a few weeks, but not a few months or longer.

  • @GalaxyCrisis but where does this "few weeks" come from? There is no evidence anyone who doesn't have it now is getting it before the show is over.

  • @GalaxyCrisis said in Violet Evergarden - Not for the U.S. according to Netflix !:

    @Doublethree100 And I also said they'll probably get it within a few weeks. I'm fine with waiting a few weeks, but not a few months or longer.

    What bothered me was the comment saying we would never get the series in the U.S. I think that says something . Netflix's definition of globally is different than what I and most other people believe it is . They should of never had it in their coming in January for us . It didn't say globally .

  • Their going to release the series in Spring like they said sadly. Which is most likely either May or June. Other than it being shown on their YouTube channel Netflix U.S like Double said theirs really no other proof that their going to simulcast it in a few weeks. Also before anybody says they think it's a test I highly doubt it since they could of tested this here in the U.S to see how many people watch it.

  • If it is going to be delayed (as for dubbing) , then why didn't the idiot say so ? That's what bothers me . I was reading threads on Reddit , saying it was also being shown dubbed (most likely either UK or Canada) . They also said the Godzilla anime movie was November last year and now they say the 17th of January . Can't trust them for anything .

  • @sirbiscuit Yeah it's already been dubbed in multiple languages including English. People are just going to pirate it since their not going to change their minds. I'm really going to consider pirating it myself

  • @MidnightAoshi said in Violet Evergarden - Not for the U.S. according to Netflix !:

    @sirbiscuit Yeah it's already been dubbed in multiple languages including English. People are just going to pirate it since their not going to change their minds. I'm really going to consider pirating it myself

    Didn't want to be the one to open this can of worms because of the social stigma, but (as I was first reading about this chain of events on the forum) this was the thought that kept running through my head. I'm not really that interested in the series, and honestly know nothing about it. However, I've seen a lot of hype around it for the past several months.

    There are really only two surprises here. The most obvious is that Netflix waited this long before shooting themselves in the foot by distributing to different regions on a different schedule. The other is that they chose a show which has been so highly anticipated to try it out with.

    I've already been through this conversation with someone local this afternoon, so before anyone states that Funimation has done the same thing to UK and Australian viewers, it needs to be pointed out that the Funimation series which are not streamed there are because of license conflicts with other vendors in those specific regions. In the case of Netflix, this is a GLOBAL license meaning, at the very minimum, streaming is their responsibility to both the viewer AND the production committee.

    In most instances, the license agreement would have stipulated a time frame for distribution. The production committees don't want anything to set on a shelf for too long because they lose out on revenue as it ages. Not as much chance to sell related items for older series (although some series just maintain constant value).

    It's just my thoughts, and I've been wrong before, but I can't imagine that either Netflix or the producers want to hold this series for any exceptional amount of time. Logically, I think it will end up coming as a completed series some time during the Spring season. On that same note, I think they're going to lose a massive amount of viewers (read that as royalties) to illegal streaming sites. They picked the country with the most out of control "gotta have it now" mentality to see if they could make them wait. There's not a lot of common sense in that decision.

  • @pleco_breeder They did announce already that they'll be streaming it in the Spring season. But the thing is the Spring season ends in June. Like I just want to know do we have to wait those 6 months to see it which I'll lose interest in by then or will it be playing right after the simulcast which I think it's set for mid April. Idk I wouldn't be annoyed if it wasn't dubbed in English already since I know theirs a lot of people that only watch anime that way.

  • @pleco_breeder while not as hyped Kakegurui is still in the top 5 for summer 2017 on pretty much all anime tracking sites yet Netflix still doesn't have even a hint for a date for the show that started 6 months ago. If there's some date Netflix needs to upload by it's pretty far off (although official sites do at least claim spring for VE).

  • @MidnightAoshi I hadn't seen any announcement about after the Spring, but I'm really only familiar with the series because of other people talking about it. My point is that this really is status quo for Netflix.

    The real surprise for me is that they are essentially region blocking the US while streaming elsewhere. I know it's already been pointed out that other regions aren't getting the series, but I have practically no knowledge about the popularity of anime in those areas, so can't claim to have an understanding of why they would do it. I do know that there is a dedicated following here, and that it doesn't make sense to risk losing out viewership or new members to illegal streams.

    The few people I know locally, all subscribers of some streaming platform or another, that were waiting on this series and consistently (or so it seemed) talking about supporting the industry, all came to the same basic conclusion as your post. That's what caught my attention. So many people waiting on a legal stream, only to have it delayed at the last minute, triggering a rapid-fire "I'm going to (site name withheld due to being an illegal source)" response, can't be a good thing for the industry and will definitely have an effect on the legal viewing numbers once the stream becomes available. It's just creating an unnecessary obstacle for series success brought on completely by poor product management.

    Just out of curiosity, been a while since I've looked at those sorts of sites so didn't remember how their postings work, I checked the site that was mentioned during my phone conversations earlier. Sure enough, popularity of the series (sub only at this point, but expect the dub to go up just as fast once Netflix starts streaming to the rest of the world) is skyrocketing. I can't count that as proof of what I'm saying because I have no idea how many people are actually going to wait on the series compared to the number of illegal views, but it's enough to convince me that Netflix shot themselves in the foot on this one. I'm also fairly confident that those views shown on that site would be indicative of all English speaking countries (English sub) and not just the US, but does indicate that it's going to be a popular series that isn't readily available in a large market.

  • @pleco_breeder the dub is streaming. In Canada I could watch it in Japanese, English, Italian, French, Spanish and I think German as soon as episode 1 went up.

  • @Doublethree100 It's odd that you mentioned Kakegurui because I was actually reading the season 2 announcement last night. At this point, all that's known about the first season though is Netflix is saying "sometime in 2018". Regardless, I expect the result of that release to be the same as with Violet Evergarden. A quick google search turned up fansubs while trying to find the ANN article about the second season.

    Although we're getting off topic, my point (and I assume that of the OP at least in part) is that Netflix has no idea how to handle anime titles with weekly releases. Blacking out regions is not going to be an effective strategy for a hit series because somebody is going to beat you to the punch regardless of exclusive licenses. The more popular the series, the worse the problem will become.

  • We'll start this with full disclosure. Because I convinced the group to watch ShoBitch during the fall (none of them like subs), and I really wanted to see Yamada kun before class tomorrow, I had to watch the first episode of this series as an exchange. I won't be finishing till the series is released legally, but there are a couple of things which need to be pointed out.

    First, aside from "Love Chuunibyo and Other Delusions", I've never cared much for the Kyoto Animation anime. This series, based on the first episode, is on an entirely different level. I wasn't really hyped about the series because of the descriptions I had read online were all talking about automated dolls. I immediately was comparing it to "Rozen Maiden" (didn't like), "Chobits" (was ok), and "Unbreakable Machine Dolls" (would actually buy a second season if it were ever made).

    I'm including spoiler tags here because it does hint, but intentionally avoided talking about the story. While I think it's safe to read it, it may allow you to figure out the final scene of the episode if you think about it even slightly while watching. I'll leave the decision to anyone reading this post.

    I was completely wrong about this one. If the first episode is anything to compare against, it stands a chance of making it into my personal top three series. If it does it, it'll have to knock "Angel Beats" off the list. That would make two of my top three of all time Kyoto Animation series.

    The thing is, the last couple minutes of the FIRST EPISODE is very similar to the last couple minutes of the FINAL EPISODE of "Angel Beats" (the entire reason it made the list in the first place). After watching "Angel Beats", I could only ask myself why anyone would put something so devastatingly sad in a story. After watching this episode, I'm telling myself "This is a sad story which needs to be told!!!"

    Second, the artwork is some of the best I've ever seen. Most of the episode was only slightly above standard, but some scenes definitely showed that they weren't slacking while making it. It's actually the first thing that jumped out at me after starting watching.

    I know I said this before, but Netflix has really screwed themselves on this one. I ended my subscription to Netflix years ago because of their business practices. I'm still not happy with how that turned out, but would have actually subscribed in order to be able to watch this series as it aired. Now, since it'll be able to be done in a single binge once posted, I'll probably just watch it with somebody that already has an account. I realize that most people have an account anyway, but they lost a chance at getting at least one return customer. I suspect there are others out there that will either fit into a similar scenario, go ahead and watch the illegal streams, or heaven forbid (against what would be my own personal advice) skip the series completely. Even if only subscribing for a month to binge the show upon release, the first episode has to be seen.

  • I'm wondering if we'll get it at all at this point . It really peed me off when I watched the coming in January for the U.S. and it was there . Godzilla wasn't , but they promised it back in November . They are getting a lot of older titles from HBO (live action , not anime) on the site , but no good blockbusters (Pirates of the Caribbean doesn't count) .....

  • @sirbiscuit you are going to get it. Why wouldn't you? It's been announced as such. Could there be a delay? Maybe. We never know what happens behind the scene. Maybe a problem while recording the dub. Godzilla was delayed, but you and I are still getting it on the 17th.

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