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  • I have seeing simultaneous viewing party features on services such as Hidive, I would love to be able to watch anime with my friends with each of our videos playing synchronized or better yet one video for all of us, either way I would like to be able to watch the same anime as my friends and talk about it in real time in one place similar to services like twitch

  • Synchronized viewing is not planned as far as I know, but I will suggest it for you. Thank you!!

    Which service provides the best experience in your opinion? Are there features you wish were available? Are there features you don't like?

  • @Sophie I actually like this idea as well. I've been getting together with a group since getting back from Japan in order to watch in a social setting, but it's getting more and more difficult to do it as drive time and outside obligations pile up. This sort of feature would still allow the social setting and drastically simplify arranging a time to watch.

    If implemented properly, it could also simplify the release parties which I've seen done by Funimation in the past. I wasn't aware of such a thing existing at the time, but remember watching the Funimation release party for the final episode of "Tales of Zestiria" via Facebook right after watching the television broadcast in Japan. I don't know if most of the viewers in the US are aware of it, but Funimation aired the series finale of that series about 14 hours after it aired in Japan. I only know it because of the release party talking about when it was going to post after I had just watched it.

    Even if Funimation weren't directly involved with orchestrating the group viewings, I could also see forum members creating their own groups to watch premiers, or even weekly events focused on favorite series.

  • I like that feature on Hidive too, I think they may be the only anime platform that has it. Problem is, practically nobody uses it. The Pop Team Epic watch party was the only time I've ever seen more than 2 people gathered in one place since the site launched. Whenever I join an open chat, usually the host doesn't even notice somebody has entered / is talking to them. Despite that, it's actually pretty handy. The host can sync the shared stream for all users, so there's no "okay, everybody press play on 3, 2, 1 -" situation.

    Maybe with Funimation they'd have more luck, since they're a bigger site with more content. The Black Clover discord event went well enough. I'm sure DBS would attract a lot of people as well.

    I think it'd be a cool feature to have, seeing everyone's live reactions and such. The parties could even be something informal, like a standard live chat for each new series premier or if it's not too tedious, each new episode premier.

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