Way to Block Shows I Don't Like From Recommended Shows List

  • I just started using this app less then two weeks ago. I love but I am hunting for new shows and there is tons of shows I know nothing about so I poke around all over, and I keep over and over again seeing Dragon Ball, I loathe Dragon Ball with a passion, I tried giving it a low rating but nope it just keeps suggesting and promoting it over and over again. I seen most the Dragon Ball series and I don't want watch them ever again I know its like blasphemy to not like the show and be male, but come on please leave an option to black list that show. I am sick of it doing the "fans of this show also watched Dragon Ball" I really am sick of it, been watching romantic comedies and crazy stuff like Is this a Zombie, and it still suggests the same 5 shows all the time for me, and every time at least one Dragon Ball series is being shoved down my throat.

  • Thank you very much for the suggestion and completely understand. We are in the process of changing how that carousel works and will bring this up to the higher ups.

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