Request to other viewers: ratings.

  • Looking down through the list of anime? Very few of them are rated under 4 stars. Now I get that a lot of these are well done but I hope in the future we can start giving more realistic/reasonable ratings so it doesn't appear as if every anime is a blockbuster when that simply isn't and cannot be the case.

  • The idea of ratings is actually flawed. Most people won't even begin a series unless there's reason to believe they'll like it. I don't know anybody on the site that actually watches anime just to compare it to other shows, or even be critical. If they don't like it, they simply don't watch it.

    If it were simply comparing against similar series, it could actually be semi-reasonable. However, if you look up any genre, it will cross reference with a half a dozen other genre. No series is so single focused as to be comparable even within it's own primary genre. School anime could range from the relatively benign "Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan" to "Prison School". If you look at magic/supernatural it could range from "Knights and Magic" to "High School DxD". With so much cross-over to compare against, there is no way to make a reasonable comparison.

    In the end, it becomes a question of whether the view liked it. If they did, they may have left a rating. If they didn't, they probably turned it off and found something they did.

  • I don't just passingly like a show. The shows I feel "meh" about I tend to forget and just end up not watching it (I tend to watch by the season as opposed to a binge watcher), and my obsessive personality won't let me just give a show an average rating.

    And people like different things. I'd say A Certain Scientific Railgun and High School DxD are the best shows you can find on Funimation. But the nearly only female cast of both shows may be a bit off-putting to people.

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