A bad B

  • I seriously don’t understand why I can’t watch one episode without getting this error message? I have extremely high speed internet and I know it’s not on my side because Hulu and Netflix NEVER give me issues but this Funimation app will NOT just let me watch my shows without getting the error message saying I’m disconnected from network. As soon as I click retry it instantly starts playing again so why is it coming up in the first place? I am not one to ever post on forums but seriously this app should be free for how much it crashes and how buggy it is.

  • Which app are you using? Or do you mean the website itself?

  • XBOne, according to his previous posts.

  • The user only has five posts, and all five were this same message copy/pasted. With regards to platform specific threads, it was posted in both XBOne and website problem threads. All five posts were over the course of about a day, and nothing else was ever posted.

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