The Vision of Escaflowne and video problem

  • This is my binge for the week. Been meaning to watch it for over a year, and never made it around to it till now. At this point, I have two thoughts about the show, and an issue with the video feed to report. First the thoughts: First, EVERY human on this series has to be related to Cyrano de Bergerac because every one of them has an "interesting" shaped nose. Second, Damn, that's a big cow.

    @Sophie As for the video feed, there seems to be a brief skip in the video of Episode two at approximately 19:22. It's only barely noticeable, but does seem to cut out at least a part of the words. Tried playing it thee times to verify it wasn't my platform causing the issue and it skipped all three at the same time stamp.

    Going to keep editing this post for the video skipping if it happens again... Just found another skip in Episode five at approximately 17:22. Again, tried three times and all three skipped in the same place.

    Episode six at approximately 21:35

    Episode twelve at approximately 20:14

    Episode thirteen at approximately 20:31

    Episode fifteen at approximately 17:24

    Episode sixteen at approximately 18:54

    Episode seventeen at approximately 20:58

    Episode eighteen at approximately 19:23

    Episode twenty-two at approximately 17:15

    Episode twenty-five at approximately 21:57 (wasn't sure about reporting this one because it's as the episode was ending, just prior to the credits, but it skips all the same)

    Episode twenty-six at approximately 11:42 (again wasn't sure about reporting because this is immediately after the intermission in the middle of the show)

    Episode twenty-six again at approximately 17:58

    I noticed something VERY ODD in Episode 22 at approximately 19:21the episode started buffering, and did so for well over a minute. When it didn't stop, I clicked on the "purple bar" (scientific term there) to back the episode up about 5 seconds. It played and again started buffering at approximately 19:21, and did so for several minutes. Again, I clicked on the "purple bar" and advanced the episode only one second. After that, the episode played perfectly normal for the remainder of the episode with no further buffering. The issue was only at that specific second which caused the buffering.

    Episode 23 at approximately 3:12 did the same thing, and again advancing it by only one second ended the buffering. After that, the episode proceeded as would be expected.

    This strange behavior leads me to question whether a lot of the buffer issues, at least those which consistently occur at the same time stamp on specific episodes isn't an encode issue.

    These were watched via the website player. I tried replicating on the PS4 app, but it's having buffer issues again.

  • I knew there were things about this series that bothered me, but

    Are they really using duck tape to fix the sails???

    How can they actually kiss without those noses getting in the way? Seems like a surefire way to put somebody's eye out.

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