Save Volume Level Between Episodes

  • This might be an issue with Firefox so I'm not sure if it's a technical issue or a suggestion.

    After I change the volume in one episode the volume level reverts back to 50% in the next episode. Every. Single. Time.

  • I think a lot of your suggestions are being caused by your computer, but this one is spot on. I have the same issue when only using the website. Normally, I just run the computer to TV via HDMI and use the TV volume to adjust rather than the player, but the player does reset the computer volume EVERY SINGLE EPISODE, and it is annoying.

  • Are you seeing the popup issue too? I usually use a TV, but at night I like to watch something before bed and I do that with my laptop. This is probably why most my suggestions were posted, because I don't have as much control with my left hand I'll accidentally click next and get annoyed when the popups sit there mocking me after the rest of the interface disappears. Besides all that, I'm only suggesting things that I've gotten use to seeing with services like Netflix.

    Volume thing though. Very annoying! :)

  • I don't have any issue with the pop-ups. I normally tend to use my laptop connected to the TV, but do take it into the kitchen while fixing dinner to continue watching. Haven't had any issue with any part of the interface remaining after the rest fades away. If not for taking my laptop into the kitchen with me, I wouldn't even know about the volume issue. I do agree that it's annoying to have to readjust the volume every time an episode advances.

    @MikeAC Went to the player to see if I could get the pop up to actually stay, and it fades out as the rest of the bar does. I did notice that I had to click on the volume or settings after adjusting else the next time the bar opens they will still be open as well. Is this what you're talking about, or are they actually staying on the screen after the bar has faded?

  • Thanks @pleco_breeder for helping me troubleshoot this!

    It only happens in fullscreen. You're right it does fade if the player is normal but it definitely does it in fullscreen. When I tried it a second ago I was like, "Okay, I'm an ass." but no, only half an ass. I should have tested it further.

    I've found some keyboard shortcuts that help a little :
    Shift+Forward Arrow = skip forward 10 seconds
    Shift+Back Arrow = go back 10 seconds
    Ctrl+Forward Arrow = Next episode
    Ctrl+Back Arrow = Start of episode/Previous episode
    Up Arrow=Volume Up
    Down Arrow=Volume Down

    Not perfect, especially when half asleep in a dark room, but I'll keep them in mind.

  • @MikeAC It's ok being half an ass because I'm apparently only half right. Guess that would make me the other half. Tried it in full screen after you mentioned it, and the volume slider does stay on the screen after the rest of the bar disappears. As mentioned, clicking on the volume or settings does return them to the bar, so it is possible to get rid of them but does seem to add an unnecessary step.

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