• After having completely messed up the Fall season by starting watching the raw version of shows which were going to be dubbed, and the Winter season already starting, I'm curious how other members manage to pick which format their going to use to watch the new series. This wouldn't be a problem if the announcements were completed, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

    During the Fall season, I ended up watching the raw version of a couple of shows which were dubbed. In part this was intentional, but also slightly accidental. However, not trying to make this sound like a complaint or elitist, the dubs just can't compare to the original. I gladly accept the consequences of those actions, but would actually like to be able to enjoy the dubs as they are actually watched as a group rather than sitting at home on my couch.

    I don't want to have to be constantly comparing the dub to the original as I watch, and realizing that "this part didn't even get a mention in the dub", "this scene doesn't really convey this particular emotion", or "why do they sound so ho-hum about something that is supposed to be a major part of the show".

    For those reasons, because I'm still relatively new to watching shows in multiple formats (raw/sub/dub) I'm curious how the other members manage to choose which shows they're going to watch in which format when the announcements won't likely be completed till the season has been underway for multiple weeks. I don't want to destroy the enjoyment of watching the dubs, but don't even know which shows are safe to watch till the announcements are completed.

  • Well, I watch anywhere between 30-40 new simulcasts each season. 36 planned for this season. what's getting simuldubbed is irrelevant to my decision to watch these shows that look appealing to me. Which simuldubs I chose to follow each season depends entirely on if I want to watch a show twice in a short amount of time. Occasionally, I chose not to watch the dub, because I just don't ever want to watch it again, once is enough. Fall season that was Urahara, and Kings Game. and finally, the ones I do have interest in watching again, but not right away, I wait until its released on disk. For fall that was Code:Realize.

    If there's a way to completely prevent yourself from comparing English to Japanese, or vice versa, I'd like to know. Ive been doing that ever since I started to watch anime in Japanese early 2007. Ive learned to let it go. I know things are going to be different, most of that time that's because it has to be.

    I hope that helps in some way

  • I tend to watch subs, simply becasue I am impatient and don't want ot wait for a dub to come out in a few weeks. There are usually a couple shows a season that I like enough to also watch dubbed.

    I try not to fuss too much about changes between sub and dub. There are somethings things that bother me, but not a lot and not huge things. I usually get used it it anyway.

    I have found that a longer time inbetween helps too. There have been a few shows where I hear a dub clip and don't like it, but then I watch the dub a while later (like a year or more), so I don't have the sub as clear in my head and it usually sounds fine.

  • Our group usually meets up Saturday afternoons, to watch whatever came out that week. It usually ends up being just about everything that's been dubbed. I'm the only one in the group that will watch anything else consistently, so I try to watch the other stuff through the week when time allows. I managed to get them to watch one series of subbed this season, but nobody else cared for it so don't think that will happen again.

    Problem becomes that I don't have a lot of time between the sub release and dub release to get past the differences, so constantly compare them and have to keep my mouth shut about changes or anything that hasn't happened yet. Kind of ruins the social aspect of getting together for the dubs. If it weren't for that, I don't know that I would bother with watching dubs anymore.

    Maybe I should be asking for advice about how to get past the changes because that seems to be my biggest issue with watching two different formats.

  • Personally, since currently I have subs to both Funimation & CR, I usually will watch it on CR. If I like a show a lot and it's being simuldubbed, I'll rewatch the dub on Funimation.

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