Re: Zero Season 2

  • I translate pages for several people to keep up with specific series, as well as some pages I just follow for my own interest. I haven't seen anything about this announcement posted on the sites I frequent, so thought I would add it here. Apparently, on September 10th 2017, the announcement was made that the second season has been approved for production. I'm also assuming that White Fox will also be the studio for this season because they did a PV. The release on the site doesn't confirm the studio, but it seems to be a safe assumption. Information taken from the official site for the series. Scroll down to 2017.09.10 for the official announcement.

    There are several events planned around Tokyo for Ram and Rem's birthday on February 2nd, and I was told that there is a big site update supposed to take place for that date. This is second hand information, so I can't confirm it, and it seems just as likely that it's about the events and nothing will be announced for a date. However, that seems to be the speculation.

  • That's fantastic news. If it's been approved for production I guess it's kinda safe to get hopes up that it might come out in fall 2018 like Anime Limited said

  • Went back to re-read the announcement and it does say "episode". It's actually rare that these are announced on the official sites, but it is only an episode.

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