No more dubbed songs, No more extras or English credits, etc.

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    I had make a petition months ago, and I am calling a defeat here. Every time the singing is not dubbed, it upsets me. I am now starting to accept the fact that the Japanese no longer want to issue music licenses, and they don't want any kind of singing whatsoever to be dubbed, or more specially, they don't want the original singing by the Japanese seiyu being recorded over with a cover of the singing by the US voice actors no matter what language its sung in.

    Now Therefore, it is hereby ordered, decreed and adjudged that the Funimation voice actors shall no longer do any more singing in any anime again. All songs or any kind of singing, including common western songs shall only be sung by Japanese seiyu.

    In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand this forth day of January in the year of our lord two thousand eighteen.**

    As stated above, effective immediately, singing will no longer be dubbed and/or even sung by us voice actors anymore at the request of Japanese anime production committees, and due to budget constraints. I'm sorry it had to come down to this, so I won't keep asking if the singing will be dubbed or not, and keep getting frustrated. Too bad I hon't be hearing Jad Saxton, Catlin Glass, Brina Palencia, Alexis Tipton, and others sing in any anime again. It was nice while it lasted, but times have changed. This will put the company in adherence to industry standard practice that Sentai Filmworks and Aniplex USA follows.

    In addition, to save even more money, Home video releases will come in plain DVD/Blu-Ray cases, there will be no extras except clean openers and closers, the opening and closing credit text will be left completely untouched in Japanese (with sentai filmworks credits attached instead at the end), and content censored And only popular titles will get dubbed. What will be released on home video will just be the simulcast version, with no more un-cut versions. Also, the prices for anime will double as well. these changes will ensure a bigger profit for Funimation, in order to pay the shareholders of Sony Pictures. That's right, Funimation will follow the same exact business model as Sentai Filmworks does.

    I have given up on Funimation and making requests, so i'm punishing myself here, and have to just except things the way they are, and there is nothing I can do about it. Please let the Adr directors (such as Clifford Chapin, Catlin Glass, Jerry Jewel and Kyle Philips) as well as the CEO of Funimation of my decision. And if you chose to do this, do a press release about this in your blog.

    Once again, I made the statement above, because I officially give up advocating for things, as it only makes me upset and frustrating.

    All adr directors and the ceo are welcome to comment on this thread. I'd appreciate it.

  • I am confused.

  • While you seem to be spouting a lot of nonsense your gripe about the lack of extras with home releases is the only point I agree with. I was very disappointed New Game didn't get a limited edition release and Hyouka before that. Honestly that is the one aspect Sentai has Funi beat since they release a lot more box sets and their versions are better then Funi's.

  • I think Hyouka would have gotten extras had it been licensed and released when it came out.

  • @Getchman said in No more dubbed songs, No more extras or English credits, etc.:

    I think Hyouka would have gotten extras had it been licensed and released when it came out.

    Yea the late release definitely affected its release. Because to my knowledge if a show was big enough it will always have extra stuff with it's release. AoT, MHA, all movies, Free, Grimgar, etc etc.

  • @pleco_breeder Oh one more thing. If Sentai Filmworks does end up dubbing Bang Dream, while i'm sure most singing won't be dubbed, if Sentai Filmworks won't even do a dub of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", that would definitely be inexcusable since its a common, children's western song that was written more than 200 years ago, and is in the public domain, adapted all over the world. Or it is a matter of the production committee not wanting the singing voice of the English voice actors present in the dub?

  • @MRy27

    Sentai's Premium Box Set are usually more expensive though, and only have a tiny bit more than the average Funimation Limited Editions

  • @HOOfan1 said in No more dubbed songs, No more extras or English credits, etc.:


    Sentai's Limited additions are usually more expensive though, with not much extra stuff

    I really have to ask: Have you bought any Sentai Premium Box Sets?

    While I can't argue on the pricing, They're comparable to Funimation's Limited Editions.

    Here's Funimations Amazon exclusive of Cowboy Bebop


    In comparison Here's Sentai's Gate Premium Box Set

  • How big is that box? I dont buy very many fancy limited and collectors editions since I don't have any desire for anything beyond an artbook, but that Gate release does look a little tempting

  • @Series5Ranger

    yes. I bought the Chivalry of A Failed Knight Premium box. I got it for $97 and it was hovering around $110 in some places. I wasn't saying they had less than Funimations Limited Additions. I was saying sometimes they have slightly more, but for much more money.

    I'd say my Testament of Sister New Devil LE for $64 had nearly as much as the Chivalry of A Failed Knight did for $33 more.

  • @Spaceshotx7 I bought the official soundtrack for BanG Dream!, and the version after the instruments join in is song 29 on the first disk. It's a safe assumption that nobody is claiming rights to it aside from the artists performing "their version". However, I can't imagine they're going to allow the change because it performed for the soundtrack.

    I can't imagine they'll allow the other songs to be changed either because both Poppin' Party and Roselia are still actively performing live shows. Glitter*Green also has members still working on other anime songs as well. They're not going to want to detract from that popularity since this anime was basically created to highlight the band which the creators put together.

  • @pleco_breeder So your saying that even dubbing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star won't be allowed? That would be ridiculous. They don't want the English voice actors (if any) to do any kind of singing, even of something that is not copyrighted, and in the public domain?

    Also, Clifford Chapin blacklisted me from twitter. I am now apologizing to him for harassing him. I didn't mean to cause any offense to him, and I will never do it again. I would also like him to forgive me, and unblock my name from twitter. I was just concerned about dubbed singing being endangered that's all.

  • @Spaceshotx7 The original tune and lyrics are public domain. However, the version used for the show is not. The version used for the show is copyrighted material based upon a work within the public domain. This is no different than any other artist doing a re-make of a movie or song in that regard. I suspect since the song was included on the soundtrack that the producers will be insistent that their version be maintained in the series in order to promote the work they're selling.

    All of the members of these production committees, to some extent or another, only ever buy in because it allows them some form of advertising for a product which they associate with the series. That may be books, streaming, home video release, music, games, collectibles, or even just advertising revenue associated airing the series.

    In the case of BanG Dream! it was easily the largest media franchise of any anime in Japan for 2017. In terms of advertisement, second place would have to fall to either Granblue Fantasy or Re: Creators, and their combined totals wouldn't touch this series.

    BanG Dream!, only on Tokyo MX was airing four times a week for two consecutive seasons. The second of those was just re-runs, and still held one of the coveted Saturday night prime time slots. On top of that, Poppin' Party was hosting two different variety shows every week as well as making regular appearances on the music variety shows for performances. Even though that would have been enough to top the list, the other bands were also making appearances, and I watched two separate live stage performances by all of the bands which were broadcast. That doesn't even include the live performances which were selling out by lottery within minutes of starting.

    This is in addition to the normal manga, music, home video, collectibles, magazines, store promotions, video games, and trading cards which were licensed to the series. One of the musical instrument shops even worked out an exclusive deal to reproduce the lead and rhythm guitars in the series which were manufactured by Les Paul and selling for only ~$5000 each.

    They're not going to let go of having their version of the song advertised and risk losing a sale of the soundtrack.

    As an aside, I was also living in Japan at the end of the first season of Love Live Sunshine. Comparatively, Love Live wouldn't even be recognized as having ever happened.

    @Spaceshotx7 don't mean to tag you twice in the same post, but found an old listing for the guitars I mentioned and wanted to share in case there was any question. Here is the link.

  • @Spaceshotx7 said in No more dubbed songs, No more extras or English credits, etc.:

    I won't keep asking if the singing will be dubbed or not, and keep getting frustrated.

    Thank God.

  • Bottom line is that much less singing in anime will be dubbed than before.

    Pre Love Live Sunshine, singing for insert song sung by anime characters was dubbed 90% of the time. Post Love Live Sunshine, it was reduced to only 20% because all of a sudden at that time, the industry standard changed in Japan, the same restrictions for opening/closing was moved to include any and all singing (even as part of the plot), and most companies just ceased giving Funimation the rights to dub the songs that's all.

    And that is why, dubbed singing at this time is considered endangered.

  • I honestly never noticed much being done with dubbed songs prior to Love Live Sunshine either. I do remember the Rolling Girls dub having a dubbed insert song and of course the home release of Show by Rock. You mention opening/closing songs, but the only English song which I remember ever being used for opening/closing is the ending theme of Black Butler season one. I only remember it because it caught me off-guard. As it turned out, that wasn't a dub, and is the actual original ending theme.

    I do know that a lot of the older dubs, 4Kids era, replaced the songs, but for the most part those are dubs that are ridiculed because of poor translation or voice acting. Even then, those that are doing the ridiculing are either people that are only using the series as an example or those that follow them religiously.

    Maybe I've missed the 90% you're referring to, but the last time I tried updating one of the anime counters I got tired of inputting series at around 3 years of my life spent. The argument keeps going back and forth, and you're honestly making a lot of trouble for yourself and getting banned from various social accounts. However, I don't think I've ever really noticed much in the way of song dubs being used.

    As for extras, I'm pretty sure everyone here will agree with you that we'd like to see more of them included on the home releases.

    And English credits, IMO are an annoyance when done over the original. A lot of people complain about the Sentai way of doing it, but I actually think that's the better way displaying the English cast and crew. It doesn't change anything of the original, and still makes the information available to find out who worked on the project. I'm currently working my way through "The Vision of Escaflowne", and it has been one of the few series which I actually bother skipping the ending credits for. I normally just sit and listen to the song, but the change is enough of an annoyance that it's really not worth it (I'll admit the song isn't really all that great to begin with). To put a Japanese crew's names into romaji just seems to be similar to putting an English crew's names into kana. Something about that rubs me as being dis-respectful to who they are and feels like they're being denied credit for their work regardless of which change is made.

    Having gone through all that, I'd like to ask for a listing of the 90% of dubbed songs always being mentioned. As I had said, I never noticed them, but it may have been my genre preferences which interfered with that. I'm not trying to fuel an argument, but think proclaiming such a high percentage of the songs being dubbed is a DRASTIC overstatement for anime released after the turn of the millennium.

  • I'm actually fine with no dubbed songs, no idea why but that's the only thing I prefer to be in Japanese. lol

    There are some exceptions like School Rumble season 2 (the ending song towards the end of the season), but I just like the songs in Japanese. What does bug me is the lack of extras in recent time...Would love to hear more from the English VAs and all that, those are always fun. Also bloopers, only ones I've seen were from Ouran High school Host Club, I brought this up several times, I just love bloopers in general.

  • Yeah, I feel that Funimation's home video releases within the past year or 2 are often bare bones with no extras aside from clean opening/closing and Japanese promos. What happened to episode commentaries by funimation staff and voice actors? I also miss the outakes from the dub.

    Now that Funimation is owned by a major movie studio, I think some more money can be reinvested into the anime licenses to fulfill the needs of everyone.

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  • @Nobu Are we actually sure that the horse was dead before he started beating it? I think he may have killed it.

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