Just now seeing this, section. Lol. Hello everyone new to Anime and Funamation

  • Well, oops. Put my first inroduction post in the wrong spot, my bad, obviously I'm a noob. Hello everyone just got into anime. I've read an anime comic called (I think it's called) Rocket angels ( I suppose it's also a reference to the unit in Command and Conquer Red Alert 3) something like that it was a book I read a long time ago. I also remember watching Dragon ball Z and Yugiho (eerr what ever the way it's spelled) that was also a very long time ago. I just finished watching an episoepisode of Assassination classroom, I have to say it was I enjoyed it. A friend of mine got me into anime so I suppose I have her to thank. As you can tell from my username, yes I'm a Trekie but also a SW fan as well (Star wars) but my username is supposed to be a reference to the United Federation of Planets' (UFP) Military/explatoray branch called Starfleet. 1701, part is the Flagship's hull number of course it's Enterprise. Anyway I look forward to hear from everyone and there recommendations on what I should watch next.

  • Welcome to the forums! Let me know if there's anything I can help you with. ^_^

  • Welcome To The Forum Jungle! We got fun & games!

    Greetings from me and all of FUNimation.

    Happy posting!

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