Full Video Buffering

  • At the moment only a limited amount of the video is buffered at a time. I know this can save on bandwidth but you cannot pause, let the video buffer and then watch without interruption. Usually this is the case even with the limitations from buffering but sometimes the buffering stops for a small amount of time causing the video to stop and you having to wait for catch up. Skipping intros is a pain as you have to wait 10 seconds to find out if you've skipped to the right area and you cannot just drag the slider.

    For a paid app, bandwidth and buffering shouldn't be limited.

    I have no idea about any other Funi streaming apps.

    Haven't tried other browsers.

    Encase needed here are my computer and internet specs.

    OS: Windows 10 Pro
    Ram: 64GB DDR4 Pro
    GPU: GTX 1080
    CPU: Intel i7 - 6 core - Extreme

    Quality: 1080p

    ISP: Virgin
    Speed: 200 mb/s

  • I agree that you should be able to let the video buffer fully, so you can easily skip over or fast forward or rewind. It would make it easier.

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