New to the community, but have been a fan since the 00's

  • Hi!!!

    I'm excited to introduce myself as an avid fan of Funimation. I have been an anime fan for many years and look forward to the next new title. I am currently interested in My Hero Academia, Yuri on Ice, and Nichijou to name a few; however, my favorite anime is Yu Yu Hakusho. It was one of the shows I watched while growing up.

    Thanks for the all the memories and love Funimation!


  • Welcome to the forums, Clover! Let me know if there is anything I can help you out with. ^_^

  • YYH is also my #1. I remember watching it on Toonami back in the olden days, when they had to edit out every blood spurt and cigarette. Good times.

  • @MyOnlyFarph

    Yes I agree. I used to watch so much anime back then. YYH, Rurouni Kenshin, FMA, Cowboy and G Gundam were the main anime I would watch in those days.

    @SpacemanHardy Thanks for the warm welcome. I think I'm ok for now, but I look forward to browsing the rest of the forum. Super excited to be a part of the community now.

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