Tanya the Evil Dub Release

  • Just curious if there have been any updates as to when the English dub (already complete thanks to it being picked for Simuldub) is going to get its DVD\BluRay release?

  • check back the 15th of every month, the announce releases 3 months out. I wouldn't be surprised if it pops up in April, since that will be a year after the show ended.

  • Given it's almost been over a year, and we've gotten release states up till March, my guess is expect to hear something about a release in a month or two, probably about April or May 2018

  • In general, it usually takes anywhere from 12-16 months after a show finishes airing in Japan before it's released on home video. Sometimes it takes a bit longer than that, due to unforeseen circumstances. Just make sure to keep checking the shop around the 15th of each month to see the latest solicitations.

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