Charged for a free trial

  • IDK where im supposed to post this but im guessing its here.

    I just signed up for a 14 day free trial via paypal and I was charged £4.99 for a month instead.

    Is that supposed to happen? will I be refunded the money If i cancel it?. Or is this painfully "user friendly" website actually so bad that it makes you pay for free trials.


  • The same thing happened to me.

    Fill out the support form here :

    They will refund you and you still get your 14 days.

  • I know they have to stop people from just creating multiple accounts for infinite free trials, but usually when I see a free trial that wants me to enter my credit card info, I don't bother....reminds me too much of the bad old AOL days when they would give you a free-trial and immediately start charging your credit card when it ended, without your knowledge.

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