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  • Hello

    Apologies if this has been asked before.

    I have just joined and am loving all the anime avaible to watch !!! I am even more chuffed with the fact that it is dubbed, I am not keen on subbed as I like to admire the artwork 😊

    I wanted to know is there a time limit that a show is kept on the site to watch ?
    Or is this Funimataions entire library to watch ?
    I only ask as there are a few titles I have on DVD that I was sure funimation streamed but I cannot find.

    I also wanted to ask how often new shows are added ? Is it seasonal .?

    many thanks in advance


  • How long a show remains on the site depends on the license agreement. There are places where you can find when licenses expire. Funimation will sometimes announce when they are losing a license, so you can watch before it leaves, but that doens't always happen. I think most licenses are for several years, with the option to renew.

    New shows are generally added seasonally. With the simuldubs, a new episode is added weekly, usually 2-4 weeks after it airs in Japan. For shows that were not simuldubbed, they tend to get 2-4 episodes as a preview, then the rest goes up when the show is released on home video.

    As a new anime season is coming, there have been, and will be announcements about which shows Funimation is simuldubbing and their start date.

  • Depends on how the show was licensed.

    Some licenses expire, and the content can no longer be streamed or pressed to disc (e.g. Sekirei). Some content is license only for home media release and not streaming (e.g. seasons 1 and 2 of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles).

    I am sure Funimation is streaming everything they have the rights to stream, and will only remove the content from streaming when their license to do so has expired.

  • I see thank you peeps for explaining, makes more sense now 😁

  • Just for the record, here are a couple of lists that might help you out.

    This is a list of all of the Unfinished, Incomplete, and Out of Print titles that Funimation used to have that they don't anymore:

    And here is a list of Expiring Titles from Aniplex, including shows that are on websites other than Funimation:

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