My Journey Through Steins;Gate. (Visual Novel)

  • I started the Steins;Gate Visual Novel on Christmas day. It's only the second visual novel I have ever read. Well, honestly, I have done the Fate route of Fate/Stay Night, and that took me something like 70 hours of actual play time to complete(I went back and tried every single choice to get all but 1 bad end), so I held off on progressing to the UBW route.

    I got hooked on Steins;Gate fairly quickly. Really, nothing of great interest happens in the Prologue or First Chapter, but I thought it was funny, and I liked the anime references. I've played about 11 hours to this point, and I am well into Chapter 3. Now the story is actually starting to take off.

    I am wondering who did the translation. For the most part it is really good (they even spell 'judgment' correctly, which is uncommon). However, I have noticed a few grammatical mistakes. (e.g. 'an' is used quite frequently when 'a' should have been used, like "an secret".). I believe there was also a point when either 'to' was substituted for 'the' or vice versa.

    Also there are some CG backgrounds with English text (newspaper/magazine articles etc.) I assume those are common to every version of the game. The grammar in those CG backgrounds is horrendously bad. Worse than any google translation of text I have ever seen. They usually don't even make any sense. It reminds me of a letter written in English in "The Pet Girl of Sakurasou". The letter was supposed to have been written by a native speaker of English, but it was full of horrible grammatical mistakes. Couldn't these companies find ANYONE who could write a passable sentence in English?

    from this point on, it's spoilers for what I have read, so read beyond at your own risk. Also please don't spoil anything beyond what I have read

    Actually I have done a little spoiling for myself. I haven't seen the anime, but I have seen maybe 1 or 2 clips on Youtube, specifically the clip where Okabe catches Makise on @channel. Considering to this point, there have only been 3 users in @channel not posting as Anonymous, and one is John Titor and the other is Okabe (as Hououin) and then the third is "KuriGohan and Kamehameha". Well, aside from the clip I saw proving Makise posts on @channel, she has let slip several @channel references, so it's obvious she posts on @channel, so I would have figured it out anyway. But, "KuriGohan and Kamehameha" is very knowledgeable about physics, plus the handle starting with Kuri, it's obvious that Kurisu Makise is "KuriGohan and Kamehameha". The fact that she has really run Hououin down on @channel and even said she believes that he is double posting as Hououin and Titor, it's kind of a wonder that she has sought Okabe out. She obviously doesn't have much respect for him on @channel, and she knows Okabe goes by Hououin Kyouma.

    I've seen Kurisu used as an example of a classic Tsundere before, but at this point in the Novel, it's hard to see how she even stands Okabe. From her viewpoint, the first time she ever met Okabe, he was groping her and trying to undress her. They call him a chuuni. I worked at a major library and we actually saw people who talked like him...we didn't call them chuuni, we called them mentally ill, and we avoided them. At 18 years, it's not childhood fantasies anymore.

    Okay, so the next mystery that hasn't been spoiled for me yet is who is John Titor. At this point, I am suspecting Moeka or Suzuha. Both of them know about the IBN 5100, although Moeka is looking for it and seems very desperate to find it. As Okabe has pointed out, she doesn't have the personality that fits the job she claims to have. Suzuha is also weird. Calls herself a warrior, said she only recently learned how to ride a bike, said the friend she had who knew about the IBN 5100 is dead, has a weird grudge against Kurisu. Consider she has never met Kurisu before, but has a grudge against her, I am wondering if she is like Okabe, and has memories from a different timeline divergence. Then that goes to the circumstances around finding the IBN 5100 at the temple. If I remember correctly, Faris said she donated the IBN 5100 to the temple 10 years before (she would have been 7...). Then Luka's dad said the person who donated it said "If a young man ever comes and asks to borrow it, let him borrow it" If a 7 year old girl donated the computer, I am sure he would have mentioned that.

  • I finished Chapter 4 last night. I'm up to about 17 hours of play/read time.
    There a few twists in the plot that I didn't like.

    1. Moeka changed the past and prevented herself from buying a new cell phone. Until another past changing D-mail is sent, it seems the rest of the crew never met her, so she isn't a lab mem anymore. Well after a couple of more D-mails the crew seems to know her again, but since the IBN 5100 was lost after the Luka D-mail, she still doesn't seem to be a lab mem. That makes me sad, because I want more Moeka, she's one of my favorite characters.

    2. Luka sends out his D-mail wanting to change himself to a girl. The premise is telling his mother to eat vegetables when she is pregnant. This premise is put forth by the supposed genius scientist girl, Kurisu. Somehow, this D-mail ends up working. Not proof that eating veggies turned Luka into a girl, but considering the D-mail (actually pager text) was sent to his mother when she was already pregnant, what is the implication here? The gender of a child is determined at conception. The determining factor is what chromosome the father's sperm cell fuses with the mother's egg. It has nothing to do with what the mother eats. Well, unless this is explained later, then it's a mistake by the author. However, I'm going to project the author's mistake onto Kurisu. She's a genius scientist, even if her specialty was physics, then she should know that the gender of a child is determined by the father, and determined at conception. It reminds me of a rant I had about "Heavy Object" and Froleytia saying she had to join the military to get away from suitors because with her genetics, she was almost guaranteed to have male children. This also seems to be the change that lost them the IBN 5100.

    3. Faris sends a D-mail to her father 10 years in the past. Okay, well I'm still marveling over the fact that a 7 year old girl donated the IBN 5100 to the shrine. Anyway, I am guessing since Faris said she was very heavily involved in the running of Akihabra that her dad was probably killed somehow and her D-mail prevented that. I noticed right away after the text that all of the anime images disappeared from the CG depicting Akihabra.

    Luka's and Faris's past changing D-mails both went WAY back. Those are some major changes to be made, it seems weird that Okabe, Daru and Mayushii were still in Faris's apartment after that D-mail, or that Luka was still in the lab after his/her D-mail. Weird enough that they all still knew each other, but I guess that could be explained away as space-time pushing them together to keep changes from being too drastic, but for them to be in the same place after those D-mails is kind of odd.

    After Okabe's scare thinking that Moeka blinked out of existence, and after he lost the IBN 5100 to a D-mail and then having Akihabra change so drastically after a D-mail, you would think he wouldn't want to experiment anymore, but he is still going around trying to get people to change the past. For all he knows he may end up negating his own existence, or something worse. I mean, now he isn't even sure if he can find the IBN 5100 again. What if he finds it again, and then a D-mail just wipes it out of existence.

    So all of these changes make me go back and think about the first Reading Steiner event Okabe experienced. The one that embedded the satellite into the building, canceled the Dr, Nakibachi (googling that name I believe just spoiled something for me...T_T) Press Conference and kept Kurisu from being killed. It's obvious the satellite being embedded in the building caused the police to close down that street, and caused the people to disappear in Okabe's perspective. I don't know how he hasn't figured that out by this point. It also stopped the press conference and kept Kurisu from meeting her killer. The question is, what happened to cause the satellite to be embedded in the building? Before the change event, it apparently appeared on the roof of the building, and the building staff didn't seem all that surprised by it. At this point I am wondering if that is John Titor's time machine. But what changed to make it go from the roof, to embedded in the building? Okabe sent the D-mail (unawares) telling Daru that Kurisu was stabbed, but how would that have changed where the "satellite" ended up, also when the "satellite" got there, because it seemed to have appeared on the roof moments before the press conference started, but in this timeline was embedded in the building early enough to keep Okabe from entering the building. This change event also seems to have altered the John Titor events. Okabe remembers him coming 10 years before, and being an American. After this first Reading Steiner event, Titor appears in the story's present, and seems to be Japanese. The question is how did a 5 day old D-mail changed that, or perhaps it was the series of events that D-mail set in place, which changed the future and altered the year Titor traveled to, and possibly altered who Titor is.

    Okabe met Kurisu for the first time at the press conference before the first change event. She told him that he had met with her just minutes before, nearly crying and trying to warn her about something. Of course the D-mail he sent to the past would warn him about her getting stabbed, but at the time he had no idea who she was, and he doesn't exactly seem like the type to go out of his way to help a stranger, so why would he have gone to her nearly crying to warn her that she was going to be killed? Seems more likely his future-self traveled into the past to warn her, after he falls in love with her (it's obvious that is going to happen)...although that begs the question, if she died, how did a timeline get set up where Okabe met her and fell in love with her? You can say, the "satellite" embedded in the building cancels the press conference, and keeps her from getting killed setting up the timeline where Okabe meets her and falls in love with her. But if so, why would he need to travel back to warn her? That's another question, if there are multiple timelines existing at once, can you travel back into the past and access another timeline? This also brings up the point that, Okabe’s Reading Steiner ability lets him remember what happened in the unchanged timeline, but he can’t remember things from the changed timeline.

    Mauyshi also reminds him that he had a bad fever for about a month when he was a kid (10 years before? About the time that John Titor appeared in the first timeline of the story?) The description makes this sound like a Reading Steiner event. Why did he get so sick when this happened? Why doesn’t he get that sick now? If he knows it’s possible he can get that sick, isn’t it an indication he should stop the D-mail experiments?

    There’s still no clear indication of who John Titor is, but much more evidence that pushes me to my previous speculation about Moeka and Shuzuha. In fact a revelation at the end of Chapter 4 really pushes me to believing Suzuha is John Titor. Throughout the novel she’s amazed by fairly mundane and one would think well known things. She just learned how to ride a bike; she is amazed by the moe culture around Akihabra, as well as other daily aspects of life. If you go back to John Titor’s descriptions of the future ruled by SERN, it sounds like a huge regression of technology. The world goes into a Dark Ages it seems, more pastoral, and probably information is controlled very tightly by SERN. Despotic Governments usually control information very tightly and keep study of history tightly controlled. She was also the one who told Okabe to e-mail John Titor when he started explaining his Reading Steiner to her. This fact makes it seem odd when Okabe starts showing her @channel threads involving John Titor. He should have known by this point that she was aware of John Titor and what he was doing. Considering she told him to e-mail John Titor, it seems she was more aware of his knowledge than Okabe was. I’d also like to point out the fact that Kurisu constantly reference John Titor around Okabe, this even more than her meme references should have shown him that she was an @channeler. Then Suzuha tells Okabe that her father goes by the name Titor. Okabe instantly tells her about John Titor, and she instantly says that’s not him, he goes by “Barrel Titor”. Okay, even if he goes by Barrel, it’s possible he could use the pseudonym “John” on @channel, but she brushes that off right away. The surest way for her to know that her father is not posting as John Titor, would be if she herself were posting as John Titor. If I remember correctly, she was also the one who said something about how awful detention camps were when Okabe went on some rant about “The Organization”. Other than her talk about being a warrior and eating bugs, she doesn’t seem the type to suffer delusions like Okabe and Faris. So perhaps she experienced detention camps in the future.

    So I am starting to theorize that Suzuha is John Titor, Suzuha is from the future, and she is looking for her father in the past. Her father was supposed to be at an Offline Meet for a message board which discusses Time Travel. Daru was supposed to have gone, but got tricked out of it, and Okabe said if he had known the purpose of it, he would have gone, leaves open the possibility that Daru or Okabe could be Suzuha’s father if she turns out to be from the future. This also goes back to her grudge against Kurisu, considering they both claim to have never met. Assuming Suzuha is from the future, could Kurisu be her mother, who wronged her somehow? Could Kurisu have done something to Suzuha’s father or mother? Does Kurisu join SERN and help them suppress the population? If Suzuha is John Tito, however, how does finding her father further her mission to save the future from SERN?

    Then there’s the question of Moeka. Now that the timeline has changed and she is no longer a lab mem, and they don’t have the IBN 5100, she seems to be more obsessed than ever. Okabe finds her mumbling in the street about being assured by “FB” that it was in Akihabra. I think she asked Okabe earlier if he was an “FB”. So, is Moeka from the future? Is she from the present but working with someone from the future? I don’t think she has met Suzuha yet, and I am not sure Okabe has mentioned her to Suzuha, or Suzuha to her. Could she even be Suzuha’s mother?

    My last thought for events happening up to the end of Chapter 4. It seems obvious to me that the “lifter” which is allowing the naked singularity and D-mails to go through is a CRT (the 42” CRT) in the shop below. They said the hours of the shop are 11AM-7PM, and that’s when the electric sparks occur.

    Actually...doing an edit to put in another thought. This is one of those stories where you want to have pen and paper close at hand so you can write things down to remember for later.

  • I just finished Chapter 5......Moeka isn't my favorite anymore T_T. I feel like she betrayed me personally...

    Well I was right about the 42 inch CRT being the lifter. At this point it's almost 100% certain Suzuha is from the future, and I am still thinking John Titor. She told Okabe that Kurisu gets credit for the time machine, she seemed to know that SERN was about to attack.

    I had a bad premonition about Moeka when they found her on the street and told her about time leap and she started laughing and ran off.

    Now the question is, if SERN wanted to silence them, why didn't they just kill them all right away. I suppose they wanted them to help work on the time machine, but in that case it doesn't make sense to kill Mayuri either. They would have wanted to takerher as leverage. It's unlikely that a team of people are going to work with you if you tell them you plan to silence them and then kill their close friend right in front of their faces.

    Why would SERN have a person like Moeka run an operation like that? She could barely interact with people, she seemed shaky and hesitant when it came time to use force. (makes me want to hold out hope she could become good, but she shot Mayuri in cold blood and told the black dude to kill Kurisu and Okabe.)

    SERN also seemed to know the future...which obviously they would probably send information back in time to themselves to stop Okabe's crew...but at the same time, they could have sent that info back to themselves to perfect their time travel faster.

    Now the mystery is what the heck FB is that Moeka is talking about...maybe a person from the future who runs SERN

    I also learned Kurisu is a Neuroscientist...which is obviously a branch of makes me facepalm even more that she brought up eating veggies as a means to choose the gender of a child.

  • I'm just starting into Chapter 6 and I can't believe how freaking stupid Okabe is.

    HE FREAKING KNOWS about time leap by time he leaps back into....yet he ignores the fact that he had his phone to his ear when he had what he thought was a dream. He ignores ALL the warning signs...what an idiot. I wish at this point he had jumped in front of Mayuri and gotten shot instead.

    They gave a bit of back story for the reason he has all of his delusions, but those seem to indicate that he should only act that way around Mayuri and not everyone else.

    I know so many people who hate Shirou from Fate/Stay Night. I have never understood that, but right now I am hating Okabe for his delusions and stupidity.

    Then he gets a second chance. Instead of giving Kurisu and Daru a quick explanation that he time leaped and they are in danger....him simply tells them to leave the lab. Tells them to go back to their homes, which certainly SERN knows about.

    Then he ignores a great opportunity to get Suzuha to help him. Then he ignores the warning that Moeka gave him that SERN had people waiting at all the train stations in Akihabra.

    His stupidity is astounding.

  • Okay well, Chapter 6 has turned into Groundhogs Day or Edge of Tomorrow. Nothing he does can prevent Mayuri from dying. Although, most of his work arounds seem kind of stupid. He should have asked Moeka who FB is. He should go to Suzuha for help. It should be obvious to him by now that she is from the future.

  • Well it looks like I was right about Suzuha being John Titor. At least she claims she is, but it could still be a lie, and she could be working against them. She also claims to have been born in 2017...neat coincidence.

    Looks like I was right about the "satellite" being a time machine. This still leaves me with the question of what caused the worldlines to diverge in the Prologue. I still can 't figure out if it was the D-mail Okabe sent telling Daru that Kurisu was stabbed, and if it was, how could that have changed the worldlines causing the time machine to appear in the building instead of on top. Also apparently caused it to come earlier. Also the fact that Kurisu said Okabe appeared before her warning her. Since he didn't have a Reading Steiner moment between when she claimed he confronted her, and when she took him aside, it almost has to mean it is him from the future trying to warn her.

    I am guessing that probably has something to do with one of the endings, perhaps the true ending, but if it is the true ending, then Kurisu will die in the true ending.

  • I'm starting to believe Daru is Suzuha's father. Her father was a founding member of the resistance with Okabe. She has really started to get along with him and respect him. Also the street vendor who says he had the badge made seems to indicate the person who asked for it to be made was a big possibly fat guy.

  • Well I was right, Daru is Suzuha's father. I have to say, I had teary eyes during that whole reveal and what happened afterwards where Suzuha lost her memory, failed her mission and killed herself.

    Chapter 6 really feels like Edge of Tomorrow now, where Okabe can't seem to get any outcome to go his way and he seems determined to just keep living the same days over again and making the most he can with his friends. I guess the question is, can he stay immortal this way, or will the Time leaps eventually fry his brain?

    Although, at this point I have to blame their experimentation with time and D-Mails. They had the IBN 5100 and lost it due to their experimentation. Instead of going back and preventing them from stopping Suzuha from going to 1975, why don't they use D-mail to stop the Luka D-Mail experiment, that's where they lost the IBN 5100. Stop that time change, and then use D-mail to tell themselves to stop dragging their feet using the IBN 5100...use it and erase the first D-Mail from SERN's server.

    edit: ha...Suzuha even references Groundhogs Day

  • Suzuha even mentioned Groundhog Day....apparently it is called Koi wa Dejavu in Japanese

    Well...I just reached my first ending, suddenly and unexpectedly. After only 6 chapters, and I know there are at least 10 Chapters

    It was the Suzuha ending called "Irreversible Reboot" Okabe and Suzuha both go to 1975, and the story ends there. Who knows if they are successful or not.

    Took me 29 hours to reach it. 5 more endings to go, of course I will skip a bunch of stuff...but this is going to take a while still.

  • Well I've started chapter 7 by changing my choice which let Suzuha leave for 1975 a few days earlier. She still dies and Okabe still doesn't have the IBN 5100, and Mayuri still dies, but a day later.

    This VN has had me in tears a lot the past couple of days

    Kurisu has finally clued Okabe into something that has been obvious to me for so long. He needs to prevent the D-Mail that lost them tine IBN 5100.

    Now Okabe is fooling around trying to figure out what Faris changed. The IBN 5100 disappeared before she sent her d-mail. I think it should be obvious that it was the Luka D-Mail that lost him the IBN 5100. Instead of trying to figure out what Faris did, why not just send a D-mail to before the Luka D-mail and tell themselves to stop sending D-mails that the results are catastrophic. Then send another D-Mail saying "Use the IBN 5100 to erase the SERN database"

  • Well Faris tricked Okabe...big surprise, although she did eventually remember.

    How the heck can street thugs chase people through the street for hours and not attract the cops??? Come on Japan...

    So it seems they are going to the Faris time change to show where the IBN 5100 went missing....however, it was clearly missing before Faris sent her D-Mail. It went missing after the Luka D-mail and Okabe found out that it was donated to the shrine and then went missing. Obviously the Faris time change could cause the IBN 5100 to go missing as well.

    However, as I have been saying all along, why don't they just send a D-Mail to the past telling themselves to stop changing the past? It was really stupid of them to let Luka and Faris make changes to events so far in the past to begin with.

    Faris has said she can remember events from both world lines...that's pretty amazing...even more amazing than Okabe's Reading Steiner, since he can only remember events form the previous world line before the change

  • Well, now I have reached my second ending. The Faris Ending " "Isolated Jamais Vu"

    Still a sad ending, but I think possibly happier than the Suzuha ending.

    Seems like in this world line Mayuri likely survives . Also being that Okabe stays in the present and Mayuri and Daru are still around, he can make friends with them even if he isn't already friends with them.

    The IBN 5100 doesn't even come into play though, and of course Okabe doesn't create his time machine. I would like to say that SERN woudln't be able to conquer the world since they don't gain Okabe and Kurisu's time machine and won't have Kurisu to help them complete their research, but Okabe did find Suzuha's divergence meter, so she obviously did have to travel back in time for some reason.

    So far these endings seem like Dating simulator endings

  • I've reached my third ending "Luka's Ending" "Link of Corruption and Rebirth"

    This is the first ending that has really frustrated me. I feel more anger than sadness at this ending. for several reasons

    1. This one felt the most like a dating simulator. Obviously, because it was about taking Luka out on dates

    2. It just dragged on and on and on. There was too much useless exposition, chit chat and banter. This it the first time I have said "come on, will this ever end" while reading this VN

    3. This is the first time anyone's fate has been decided. In the Suzuha ending, Okabe and Suzuha leap back in time. There is no knowing what happens after that, in the Faris ending, Faris's dad is saved and apparently Mayuri doesn't die either. So obviously Mayuri doesn't seem fated to die as Okabe supposed in the Luka ending. So in the Luka ending, Mayuri ends up dead...period. The first time there has been a positive bad outcome.

    4. Okabe claims he was doing this for Luka. No, he was doing it for himself, and it was a horrible decision. He was tired of knowing the consequences of his actions. In the end, he let Mayuri die. Now not only does he know he let her die, but so do Luka and Kurisu. Not only is he going to have to bear the burden of Mayuri's death, so will Luka. Luka even told him, it wasn't worth not changing back into a guy if it meant Mayuris's death. He also consequently doomed another person to be disconnected from causality. So I think he really screwed over Luka, while claiming to do it for her. Not only that, but this was actually fixing the mistakes he made in the past. As he pointed out, while trying to save the memories of female Luka, he is erasing the memories of male Luka. He is erasing Mayuri's existence. He's erased the memories of countless people. He may as well go ahead and just fix what he screwed up.

    Plus I have to go back to the point I keep making. Why is it necessary to try and send D-mails which counteract the D-mails which originally changed the time line. Why not just use D-mail to warn your past selves that using D-mail carelessly has screwed up the time line immeasurably?

    Also I have to go back and wonder, how a D-mail that only changed the past 10 years before (the one that tried to save Faris's father but also keep him from selling the IBN 5100). How in the world did that prevent Okabe from ever meeting Mayuri? He and Mayuri knew each other for longer than 10 years. Of course nothing was ever explained about what changed in that timeline.

  • I was reading back through my thoughts and something just occurred to me. In the first World line, where Okabe attends the press conference and Kurisu gets stabbed.....Suzuha was probably the one who killed Kurisu, to stop her from helping SERN complete their time machine.

  • I'm working my way though Chapter 9 now. I guess I am starting to feel some sympathy for Moeka, but I wonder how much of that is just because I liked her so much to begin with? She is obviously a person easy to manipulate and she was brain washed.

    I am not sure why Okabe didn't ask her, "if you never met FB or talked on the phone with FB, how do you now that it is a woman, anyone can pretend on e-mail. I'm also not sure why it wasn't obvious to him from the beginning that Moeka changed her D-Mail to let herself know where the IBN 5100 was before Okabe found it. Also again...why is it necessary to counteract her D-mail...Just D-mail yourself in the past and say "Moeka is SERN, don't trust her" This would prevent her from ever sending the D-Mail to begin with.

    I guess I am surprised that Braun ended up being a Rounder, but I never liked him, so his death is rather meaningless to me. Although his talk about Rounders being expendable doesn't make sense. Moeka was easily fooled, and she never knew she was expendable when recruited. Braun doesn't seem as easily fooled. Why did he sign on? Seems like he knew he was expendable BEFORE he handed over the IBN 5100. IN that case, why hand it over, if you know just finding one gets you killed. Why does SERN kill the people who find the IBN 5100? I mean, those seem to be the people who are the best at their job. If knowledge of the IBN 5100 alone is enough to get them killed, then what about all the people out there who never find one? They still know what they are looking for, so that is still dangerous knowledge.

    Now that I know Braun is a Rounder, I almost wonder if Nae pushed Mayuri in front of the train on purpose. Maybe Braun raised his own daughter to be a killer.

    Also, with the number of time changes they made, it seems likely the butterfly effect would have prevented them from sending some of those D-mails in the different world lines. It also seems odd, that every single 1 of those D-Mails results in the loss of the IBN 5100. Faris's D-mail causes her dad to sell it off before Okabe can get it. Luka's e-mail causes her to break it and Moeka's D-mail allows her to find it before him. It was after the Luka D-mail that he first found out it was missing though, although I believe Mokea sent her D-Mail first, so it would have been missing before Luka sent his. Either way, if I were Okabe, the first D-mail I would have changed would have been Luka's not Faris's


    Well, just after I posted this, Nae showed up and murdered Moeka and promised to murder Okabe in 15, yeah, I think she was capable of pushing Mayuri in front of the train on purpose.

    It also occurred to me, that even if they keep Mokea from finding the IBN 5100 before them, in Worldline Alpha, they let her know they had they are still in danger of her stealing it, or having the hit team come in and kill them to get it. Which again pushes me to say...they should just D-mail themselves not to trust Moeka. I am kind of hoping this leads to an ending where they can be friends with Moeka though. I did really like her before she betrayed them.

    At the same time, as she was dying, she said FB made her feel like the Rounders was the only place she belonged. Sure, FB had a much longer time to brain wash her, but Okabe made her a lab mem and Mayuri and all the others accepted her and gave her another place to belong. Perhaps that will be a place for her to belong

    Afterall, the badge that Suzuha gave them which commemorated the Lab Mems said OSHM***A 2010

    O for Okabe Rintaro, S for Shina Mayuri, H for Hashida Itaru M for Makise Kurisu, A for Amane Suzuha

    so, what the heck are the *** for? Gotta be U for Urushibarua Lukako, A for Akiha Ruhmio and K for Kiryou Moeka

    So I am hoping there is an ending where all the Lab mems can be together at the end as friends.

    that also makes me wonder...did Daru AKA Barrel Titor know that he met his daughter before she was born??? Or did he not know that the Suzuha he met in the past was his daughter?


    Okay, so it seems little kid Nae wasn't murderous, it was her future self who time leapt.

    A couple of things don't make sense though

    1. Okabe sent the D-Mail pretending to be FB and telling Moeka to abandon the search. He should have know that it would be easy enough for the real FB to I didn't send that message, you need to keep looking. Though for some reason FB did tell her to stop looking....odd.

    2. Nae said she would capture and kill Okabe in 15 years. She said Okabe founded the resistance. But from everything so far, it seems SERN doesn't take over the world for another 26 years. So why would Okabe have founded the resistance 11 years before SERN took over the world? I guess you can't reason with an insane person either, but how in the world can she blame Okabe when he wasn't even there when her father killed himself? It was SERN that was responsible for his death...yet she joined SERN to kill Okabe.....

  • I've reached the Mayuri ending now "Stardust Sky"

    I've got some problems with this ending too.

    1. Erasing the D-mail from SERN's database is the first time they changed world lines without using D-mail. The first time an event in the present changed world lines. Since Okabe was always going to make the decision he made, technically as soon as he countered Moeka's D-Mail, they should have jumped world lines. Even so, why would they jump back to the Alpha Wordline, why wouldn't they jump to another world line all together, say the Gamma world line? Erasing the D-mail doesn't prevent it from being sent, just prevents SERN from finding it. I suppose you could say, since SERN doesn't find them, they can't complete their time machine in the future, conquer the world and because of that Suzuha doesn't go back in time and prevent the Nakibachi Press Conference thereby keeping Kurisu out of harms way. Also, this really seems to point out that SERN from the future is sending info back to the past, because SERN should have already been on to them by the time they deleted it from the database.

    2. What was the point of telling Mayuri that either she was going to die, or Kurisu was going to die, if they were not going to let her have any input in the decision? So they just made her feel responsible for Kurisu's death (like Luka felt responsible for Mayuri's death in the Luka ending) but didn't give her a chance to make her own choice. Also, when she asked if she could have snacks while Okabe explained the situation he told her "this is serious"...but then that idiot went into his stupid chunibyou "mad scientist act"...then he did that crap again right as he was about to erase Kurisu's existence. That crap makes it really hard to like him at all. You would think after the constant time leaps and world line changes he has endured, that he would have gotten over that by now.

    3. The entire fact that a "satellite" did appear on top of Radi-Kan in the Alpha worldline, on the roof if not embedded in the building, was completely ignored. In fact Okabe never once mentioned remembering that "satellite" or the fact that Kurisu told him he appeared before her 15 minutes before the Press Conference tying to warn her. How could he forget something like that? He seemed to remember every thing else pretty clearly.

    Also on the last point, I said before that maybe Suzuha was the one who murdered Kurisu. If that were the case, then it would mean SERN still does conquer the world, and Suzuha still blames Kurisu. But, now I am thinking the "satellite" that ended up on the roof, may have been Okabe coming from the future to try and save Kurisu, especially since she told Okabe that he appeared before her nearly in tears trying to warn her. Since there was no Reading Steiner event before that, if present Okabe had done that, he would certainly remember. I guess this will be explained in one of the last 2 endings.

    I did think of something else though while reading the 10th chapter. Okabe mentioned that in the Beta Worldline he, Kurisiu and Daru get captured by SERN and work on the time machine. He then posits that he and Daru escape to form the resistance. Now I suppose it's possible that they form a resistance BEFORE 2036 when SERN conquers the world. So I guess maybe it 's possible Nae became a Rounder and killed Okabe in 2025, but Daru supposedly met Suzuha's mother at ComiMa...and Suzhua was supposedly born 7 years later in 2017. So that means that Daru would have had to escape from SERN between his capture in 2010 and Suzha's birth in 2017. I have to wonder though, if you escaped from SERN and were trying to form a resistance group, why would you be hanging out are a festival like ComiMa...especially in the same city where SERN captured you before?

  • I decided to start over from the beginning to get the last 2 endings. I did my first read-through essentially blind, but I am using a flow chart now to make sure I can get on the path to the last endings.

    I just got back to the part where Daru reveals that there is a dedicated Fiber Line to SERN. So I am wondering now if SERN from the future set it up to help the along, or if they line is because Mr. Braun is a Rounder. I can't imagine going to the expense of having a direct fiber line just for Mr. Braun, even if he is running their search for IBN 5100s in Japan. It seems obvious SERN from the future must be communicating with SERN form the past since Moeka revealed they raided their lab because they knew the were going to go public with the Time Machine the next day.

  • I'm up to chapter 9 on my True Ending playthrough. I pretty much reread everything, except for the Rainet Championship and thug chase in Chapter 7....I found that boring, and all of Chapter 8. I found all of Chapter 8 to be boring.

    A few things that occurred to me though. When Okabe went to Moeka's apartment and found out she had committed suicide, the officer asked him to go to the hospital to see the body because she had no family. He could have gone and seen if he could get her cell phone there, instead of jumping back to confront her. At this time he still thought she had just asked herself not to change cell phones....I guess that would have been a waste though, since that wasn't her actual D-mail. Although it seems obvious that the only person who would have stolen the IBN 5100 would have been Moeka, so it should have been obvious that is what she actually sent in the D-mail.

    Second, Okabe walks up on the lab and sees someone using the Time Leap Machine. When he runs upstairs to look, the person has disappeared. I know now that it was Nae...but how did she just disappear? What about time leaping would have made her body disappear? Also this shows that when a person time leaps, the timeline they leap from does in fact keep on going. Okabe didn't have a Reading Steiner event then, but I guess you have to wonder, if he would be the only person who could observe another time leaping and not forget about it.

    Third. It seems Moeka, Mr. Braun and Mayuri are all fated to die, and there is no way to actually stop their death, but they could only postpone it by a few days. The only way to change their fates is to jump to another attractor field. So that makes me wonder, how did Faris's D-mail prevent the death of her father? That D-mail didn't cause them to jump to another attractor field, so why wasn't his death set in stone like Mayuri's Moeka's and Mr. Braun's?

  • I just finished the Kurisu ending. It may be the saddest ending yet. It was basically the same as the Mayuri ending, except that Okabe and Kurisu profess their love for each other. I figured this would be more like the Lukako ending where he chooses to save Kurisu at the expense of Mayuri.

    It seems kind of odd, he actually loved Kurisu but chose Mayuri, whereas in the Lukako ending, he didn't really love Lukako at the time, but he chose to let Mayuri die. Also, in the Lukako ending, choosing to save Mayuri wouldn't have resulted in Lukako's death, but instead reverted her to a male. Seems to me like a much tougher choice to allow the woman he loves to die, as opposed to just changing the gender of a friend.

    Another thought occurred to me during this ending. How did SERN figure out that the original D-mail signaled some sort of Time Travel, if the contents in it did not come true? Wouldn't they look at the D-Mail and see that it signaled the death of Kurisu, and then figure out that Kurisu in fact did not die? Seems like they would look at it as some sort of fake in that case.

  • I've reached the True and Final Ending, so everyone feel free to discuss at will

    Got the Platinum Trophy, it's my 20th. My total playtime was a little over 84 hours.

    Obviously the True Ending is the happiest ending of them all, everyone seems to survive. I think the only thing sad about it is that Suzuha probably won't have any memories seeing as she wasn't born when all of the world line changes took place. I did tear up when Okabe met Kurisu in the street and she said "how many times have I told you I am not your assistant and I am not Christina" signifying that she was regaining her memories.

    The thing I that I mentioned in the first post as a potential spoiler, did end up being a spoiler. When I was typing up that post, I googled, Dr. Nakabachi in order to see how his name was spelled, and of course the first result was Souichi Makise. So instantly I figured he must be Kurisu's father.

    When I started my True Ending Play through and redid the prologue, I instantly recognized that the scream heard just before Kurisu's body was found was Okabe's voice. So at that point I knew Okabe from the future found her body and possibly was there at her death. After hearing her phone conversation with her father, and how much of an ass he was, and with the spoiler knowledge that Nakabachi is her father, I came to the conclusion that he probably killed her, and I was half right. By the time it became apparent that Okabe was going to intervene, and Nakabachi dropped his knife, I knew Okabe would be the one to accidentally stab Kurisu.

    Once Okabe declared to the reader that he had an epiphany about how he could create a pool of blood under Kurisu when his fake light saber liquid wouldn't work, I figured he was going to kill Nakabachi and use his blood. I was kind of disappointed with Nakabachi got away. I kind of wanted him to be killed, but I guess he was arrested by the Russians and is wanted by the Tokyo Police for stabbing Okabe, so he isn't getting off scott free.

    I did eventually forgive Moeka and I see I was right in my earlier post about the Lab emblem pin, except they used F for Faris instead of A for Akiha. I am really happy that the true ending puts all of the lab mems back together as friends. I am not sure I can forgive Mr. Braun. Sure he seems to be taking responsibility for brain washing Moeka, but the bastard told her to kill Mayuri in cold blood. He doesn't have the excuse of being brainwashed like Moeka, he knew very well what he was doing. That also begs the question, what if Braun or Moeka regain their memories from the other worldlines? Will they come after Okabe, Kurisu, Mayuri and Daru, or will their memories tell them that SERN has been using them all along and that they are expendable and that for their own safety the should just ignore their memories?

    Overall, this was a great experience. Lots of tears were shed. It reminded me a lot of a Michael Crichton book warning about the dangers of fooling around with technology. I guess a time travel story of this magnitude is hard to write without some plot holes, but there was some stuff in there that didn't make sense to me. At different times they seemed to indicate paradoxes were not possible, then later they warned each other not to create a paradox. Also the point about Faris being able to save her father when most other deaths seemed to be set by fate. Also the fact that Okabe had to witness Kurisu's death in order to motivate him to complete his time travel research. Then he had to make sure he still thought he witnessed Kurisu's dead body on 7/28 in order to created the first D-mail and set this plot in motion, but then he erased the fact that he killed Kurisu with his own two hands, and erased his witnessing of her death, so from that point, what motivated him to finish his time travel research?

    I think it would have been easier to write if they went with something like Neil DeGrasse Tyson's explanation of the communication across time in Interstellar.

    He talks about it here in this video

    He is basically saying there are no paradoxes and that everything that is going to happen will always happen. Something like that would probably prevent the plot about different attractor fields and timelines though.

    Well next I'll watch the anime. Then I'll probably buy and watch the movie, then on to Steins;Gate 0 before that anime comes out. I just need to figure out if I will buy the VITA version or the PS4 version.

    I forgot to mention that I liked the touch at the end with the e-mail with the Congratulations cake which had the date that I actually finished the game.

    There's no way I would have known to reload an old save if not for a guide though...of course I couldn't have reached the final ending without a guide either. All of the other endings I reached without even using a guide.

  • I'm trying to make my way through Steins;Gate 0 before the anime comes here are my thoughts as I read through it

    Spoilers for Steins;Gate 0 below

    I am not sure how far I have gotten, because there don't seem to be chapters in the game. I am about 6 or 7 hours in though.

    A few new characters have been introduced, but the first thing I thought of writing about was the fact that they showed Daru in the future, and the artwork made him look just as fat as he is in the present, even though Suzuha has stated that he is skinny in the future.

    The second thought is that Kagari looks like a younger version of Kurisu, and when she was put into the time machine with Suzuha I thought..."but wait, she never appeared in 2010 with Suzuha".. Then I see she traveled first back to 1975 with Suzuha...and I think "a ha...she gets left in 1975...what are the chances she is Kurisu's mother?"...pretty darn good I bet....I won't make the same mistake I made last time and google her name, because I am sure to spoil it for myself.

    I can't wait to see what sort of things get revealed to Amadeus Kurisu though.

    Edit to add in some more random thoughts

    I think it is kind of funny how Professor Leskinen can't pronounce Rintaro, and always pronounces it "Lintalo" I wonder if that is supposed to be a shot at the West for always pointing out when a Japanese person has trouble pronouncing 'Ls'. They also designed him to look like an albino. I guess the Japanese characters are so light skinned, they had to do something to point out that Leskinen is white. He seems like a "fun guy", but there is something about him I just find untrustworthy. Maybe it is nothing, but after Moeka became one of my favorite characters in the last VN, and then betrayed everyone, I am less trusting of new characters. Maho I think I can trust, but Leskinen, I don't think I can.

    Fubuuki seems to like Mayuri quite a lot, I wonder if there is a budding yuri crush there. I thought it was funny when she burst out and asked Rintaro what girl he liked. I wonder if she was gauging him as a rival for Mayuri. Kaede reminds me of a girl from another anime, but I can't quite remember who.

    another edit

    I remember fron the original VN that Kurisu lamented everyone at her lab in the US was stuffy and disagreeable, but in Steins;Gate 0, it seems Maho was a good friend all along and probably Leskinen too.

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