"Maybe?" a new idea?

  • Don't want to get in the habit of talking about games too much, but didn't have much to do tonight other than play with my new toy. Working night shifts makes it a pain to find stuff to do when not working.

    Anyway, tried a few of the trial demos on PS plus to see if there's anything else I want that would substantiate the cost of this set-up. Although I didn't care for the game play (never though it would be set up as a first person shooter), and the controls were a bit wonky, I tried a Danganronpa VR demo.

    One of the obvious issues for all of the VR games I've tried is that the controller tends to "walk", slowly turning sideways as the game goes on. Therefore, the orientation has to be reset occasionally. This demo was kind of slow paced, so it wasn't so bad as to be unplayable. However, the light on the front of the controller is what lines up your target, so if it got very fast at all (not allowing time to re-orient the controller which takes 1-2 seconds) it would destroy the game aspect completely.

    As mentioned, I never thought this series would be a shooter. I expected something more like mystery/suspense similar to the anime. This game did not go in that direction even though it was set up as one of the standard trials like the series.

    Personally, it was ok to kill some time, but I don't think I'd have been so lax about it if I had bought it.

    Having said all of that, there is one place where the game excelled. As I would expect from VR, the graphics and immersion were spot-on. I actually had fun getting killed by Monokuma, and did it several times on purpose just to take in as much of the scene as possible. I'm glad that they didn't try to make the graphics overly realistic, and maintained the anime art-style of the characters. The actual "courtroom" had a very real feel, right down to wood grain and carpet texture, but the characters were well drawn 3D renditions of the actual characters from the first season of the anime.

    This made me start thinking about the possibility of seeing full immersion anime or visual novels. Obviously, this is likely years away because of the percentage of people actually owning the equipment, but I can imagine this coming to pass within the next decade as it becomes more common.

    As I found out by "literally" shoving my head into a dragon in Skyrim, the graphics are made no different than in a lot of other games. They're made by applying textures to a frame and applying weight and a skeleton to control movement and physics. The only graphics difference in what is done with RWBY is that the info has to be 3D at all times rather than simply being rotated on a 2D surface. Most game characters are actually made in 3D anyway and simply rotated to show only one side at a time.

    It's likely an anime I'll never get to see, but I'm desperately waiting on the chance. Just the prospect that something like that could be made has the gears in my head turning. It woudn't even need to require interaction from the viewer, otherwise it would just be a game. Simply having a view to all of the events of the story as they occurred would be amazing compared to watching it on a TV screen. I'm envisioning actually having a seat in the same room to watch over the activities of the SOS brigade, but the ideas here are endless.

  • Not sure i would be welcome at Haruhi's table...

  • @P.J. Don't think they'd care as long as we don't have input. I just want to be in the middle of the anime whether they know I'm there or not

  • "as long as we don't have input.."

    SO true. I would imagine Haruhi harnessing me to the place where i would have no choice but to go along with her zany schemes. (thinks to self) How wonderful! :-D

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