Witch Hunter Robin chances

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    I saw that several years back Funimation got the rights on Witch Hunter Robin, but we hadn't see anything come from that acquisition. I'm dying to get the boxed set, and the only ones available are antiquated, and priced at $120+ which we all know is ridiculous. Since Outlaw Star got a comeback I was hoping for maybe some insight into this beloved series from Funimation's past.
    I looked in the other forum area specific to Funimation anime and didnt see something for this anime. The only other place to ask was a non-Funimation anime forum which didnt seem appropriate since Funimation owns this. I hope that this means it was okay to use this particular forum area.

    Thanks in advance!

  • We're all waiting.

    In overdue time.

  • It's one of the old Bandai Acquisitions, and those take time. They've been slowly working through their Bandai Acquisitions, as Outlaw Star, Cowboy Bebop, and Vision of Escaflowne have all been released.

  • Admittedly, those 3 are the moneymakers of the package. Oh, and Code Geass.

    The only things left are Robin, Tales of the Abyss, and Banner of the Stars.

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