Wasn't sure where to put this...

  • A bit frustrated because of not being able to use spoiler tags to finish posting my Japanese lesson for the week. So....decided to go for an early Christmas present since I have to work from Sunday night till Thursday this week. Don't worry, the Japanese lesson will be finished as soon as I figure out the tags issue. Most of it is ready right now except for a couple of vocab I want to add.

    Anyway, I spent most of my evening yesterday fighting with my blu-ray player because of a driver update. I use an external connected to my laptop, and apparently the latest windows update means it's not going to be compatible anymore. Had to happen on the same day my copy of Ordinal Scale arrived. Saw the movie while in Japan, but have been buying copies of the anime movies I saw there as they become available.

    Since I had been on the fence about buying a game console for a while, I'm not really a dedicated gamer but do follow a couple franchises on PC, decided I'd go ahead and bite the bullet and go all out on a system.

    Long story short, the floor 100 battle via PSVR is absolutely EPIC. Looking to try another show with similar battle scenes, but not really sure where to start. At this point, my brain is pretty much fried, so looking for suggestions of something that's going to be amazing to watch through this rig.

    BTW, I had mentioned an issue with adjusting paralax with the PSVR in another post. Not sure if it was the way the initial display I used was set up (fitted by a Sony rep), or if the version 2 managed to adjust for peripheral view, but didn't have the same issue this time through. Only issue I had with use was tripping over a box I forgot in the floor, and trying to safely set my controller down while wearing the rig.

    Really looking forward to suggestions

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